Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip #1 to Doylestown

I was able to go to Doylestown last weekend and spend time with Kyle and the rest of the Shearer clan. I thought I'd post pictures from the trip.

*****On a walk on Friday*****

*****Relaxing after the walk*****

*****Friday night we went on a date with his parents*****

*****Saturday we went to Kyle's grandparents house for Easter dinner/Easter egg hunt/hanging out/having fun*****

*****Easter Sunday*****

*****Me 'n Paige*****

*****Bestest pals, Kyle and Ivy*****


*****Paige at the piano*****

*****Who knows?!*****

****Uh yeah...not the greatest picture, but it IS funny*****


*****Lil ray of sunshine - Ivy*****

*****Another happy person - Brianna*****



*****Kirsten and Hannah*****

*****Kirsten, Brianna, Hannah, and Paige*****
(Michaela was taking the pic, and Ivy was off somewhere)








*****Talking, what a crazy notion it is!!*****


Dave the Brave said...

What? no pictures of Cameron?.....They are great pix otherwise ;)

peterchvnr14 said...
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peterchvnr14 said...

Glad you had a great time! :D and that you were able to find a pic of Ian to put in there :D:D:D:D

bug said...

Yeah, I didn't have any really good pics of Cameron or Michaela, and with all the time that it takes to upload pics to blogger I decided to not put them up. :-/

Hopefully next trip though ;)