Friday, January 29, 2010

Thin Ray of Light

The other night I was practicing piano in the chapel. When I had finished I walked to the back to turn off the lights. Suddenly I was engulfed in blackness. I couldn't see anything at all. I tried using my cell phone for a light, but it really wasn't doing me any good at all. I was pretty much stuck in the blackness when I looked towards the door and saw a thin line of light coming through the crack in the door. It wasn't much light and I still couldn't see what was in my way, but I saw that there was a general direction to go. If I kept my eyes on that light I knew that I would eventually make it out. I walked towards the light, bumping into a table and then a chair, but finally I made it through to the door and into a well lit room.
I started thinking about how much that is like life. We can be going along, doing what we're supposed to be doing when suddenly the light is turned off on us. Now we have no idea where to go and can't see anything at all. We can try to blindly shuffle around, but if we don't know where we're going then we are doing absolutely nothing to help ourselves out. That's what I do most of the time. I try to figure out my life on my own which doesn't do any good and usually ends up only hurting me. But when I stop and look to God, The Light that can light up my path, to lead me in the right direction then I have found the proper way in which to go. As I head towards that thin ray of light I may bump into a few things and get some bruises, but if I keep on and don't quit I will make it though the dark and uncertainty.
Psalm 119:105 "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love My Attorney

This was sent to me as an email and I thought it was really good and I wanted to share it with everyone:

After living what I felt was a "decent" life, my time on earth came to the end.
The first thing I remember is sitting on a bench in the waiting room of what I thought to be a court house.
The doors opened and I was instructed to come in and have a seat by the defense table.
As I looked around I saw the "prosecutor."
He was a villainous looking gent who snarled as he stared at me. He definitely was the most evil person I have ever seen.
I sat down and looked to my left and there sat my Attorney, a kind and gentle looking man whose appearance seemed so familiar to me, I felt I knew Him.
The corner door flew open and there appeared the Judge in full flowing robes. He commanded and awesome presence as He moved across the room I couldn't take my eyes off of Him. As He took His seat behind the bench, He said, "Let us begin."
The prosecutor rose and said, "My name is Satan and I am here to show you why this man belongs in hell." He proceeded to tell of lies that I told, things that I stole, and in the past when I cheated others. Satan told of other horrible perversions that were once in my life and the more he spoke, the further down in my seat I sank.
I was so embarrassed that I couldn't look at anyone, even my own Attorney, as the Devil told of sins that even I had completely forgotten about.
As upset as I was at Satan for telling all these things about me, I was equally upset at my Attorney who sat there silently not offering any form of defense at all.
I know I had been guilty of those things, but I had done some good in my life - couldn't that at least equal out part of the harm I'd done? Satan finished with a fury and said, "This man belongs in hell, he is guilty of all that I have charged and there is not a person who can prove otherwise."
When it was His turn, my Attorney first asked if He might approach the bench. The Judge allowed this overt the strong objection of Satan, and beckoned Him to come forward. As He got up and started walking, I was able to see Him in His full splendor and majesty. I realized why He seemed so familiar; this was Jesus representing me, my Lord and my Savior.
He stopped at the bench and softly said to the Judge, "Hi Dad," and then He turned to address the court. "Satan was correct in saying that this man had sinned, I won't deny any of these allegations. And, yes, the wage of sin is death, and this man deserves to be punished.
Jesus took a deep breath and turned to His Father with outstretched arms and proclaimed, "However, I died on the cross so that this person might have eternal life and he has accepted Me as his Savior, so he is Mine." My Lord continued with, "His name is written in the Book of Life, and no one can snatch him from Me. "Satan still does not understand yet. This man is not to be given justice, but rather mercy."
As Jesus sat down, He quietly paused, looked at His Father and said, "There is nothing else that needs to be done. I've done it all."
The Judge lifted His mighty hand and slammed the gavel down. The following words bellowed form His lips, "This man is free. The penalty for him has already been paid in full. Case dismissed."
As my Lord led me away, I could hear Satan ranting and raving, "I won't give up, I will win the next one." I asked Jesus as He gave me my instructions where to go next, "Have you ever lost a case??" Christ lovingly smiled and said, "Everyone that has come to Me and asked Me to represent them has received the same verdict as you,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When Life Hurts

Have you ever come to a point where you seriously doubt if God even exists? Have you ever wondered, "If God DOES exist, does He care about me? Because, after all, if He truly cares He never would have done THIS to me, or let me go through this trial!!"
I must admit that I've responded in many wrong ways to hurts and pains of life. I've gotten mad and angry at God and others. I've wanted to do some pretty bad things to myself, to those who care about me, and I've wanted to completely ditch God. None of those are very good things to do at all. I've gone into the very depths of despair. I thought that God had abandoned me and I thought that He may not even exist. I really had to do some major soul searching to see if God was really there, and if I truly believed in Him. Those were some of the darkest moments of my life. I firmly believe that had it not been for the prayers of my parents and friends then I would have gone "off the deep end."

I'm finally starting to get over that hardship and then BAM another battle comes my way. Now I KNOW that God is there and I know that He's my God and He truly cares for me. I know that whatever the reason may be, He is using it in my life to refine me, to make me stronger, and to make me a better Christian. Is it easy? NO! Rather, it's quite the's VERY difficult, and I have no idea why this is happening to me. It's a case of broken trust and friendship and someone who I thought was one person ended up being someone totally different. However, I know that had I not gone through the previous trials and tests that God sent to me, then I would probably not have survived this most recent one. I've learned that the best way to go is to turn to God. When I was home I could run to my parents and cry on their shoulders, but now I'm in college, and I can't go running home when life knocks me. I have to run to God. "My soul melteth for heaviness; strengthen thou me according unto thy word." -Psalm 119:28 I guess the biggest lesson that I've learned in the past month is that God is really out there and even though trouble comes I rely on Him.

Monday, January 25, 2010


As you can tell by the title this post, I GOT A JOB! Praise the Lord! :)
I had an interview and was hired at McAlister's. It's a deli chain that is in this area. It's a homey type of restaurant. I'm really excited cuz I love working in the restaurant business. As of right now I will still be keeping my LEE's job, and I've heard rumblings of the US Census bureau also doing some hiring so I'm going to look into that as well!
I start at McAlister's on Monday. It's looking more and more like I will be staying down here for the summer. It's not exactly what I wanted to do, but it will probably be my only choice.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Different Schedule

My entire schedule for this semester has completely changed. I dropped a class and added a class, plus one of my classes schedules changed.
I decided to drop the Handwriting class because it's not required for Secondary Education majors, only El Ed., and besides the book is really expensive and I really didn't have the money for it. I decided to add choir because I have a free hour when it's going on and Bro. Todd, who is the music director, gave me a REALLY hard time for not being in it! Also, my Biology class is now meeting for an hour on Tuesday and Wednesday and 2 hours on Thursday and not at all on Friday. AND I now have my internship schedule! I'm interning from 9-9:50 on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Chemistry class! I'm completely pumped about that cuz it's in the high school, AND it's science! :) So here is my new schedule for the semester:


US History II


US History II

Chemistry Internship




US History II

Chemistry Internship






Biblical Ethics



Biblical Ethics

Christian Womanhood

On Wednesday I'm also teaching a cello lesson at 2:30, and I'm doing Cards for Christ, which is a Bible study run by Shawnee on the campus of the University of Louisville. We leave at 3:30 and don't get back until 6:15 or 6:30. And I'm also going to start playing the piano for the children's choir which practices at 6:20 on Wednesday nights. And of course I have church at 7 as well. So pretty much on Wednesdays from the time I get up until about 9 at night I only have about a 1 1/2 hour break! Pretty crazy, but I'm ok with it.
Also starting this upcoming Wednesday I'm going to start playing the piano for the congregational's in chapel! I'll be switching off every other week with another girl! I'm pretty excited about that too...I haven't been able to play congregational's in ages!

Also, please continue to pray for a job for me. I have an interview on Monday at a deli, and the manager sounded pretty serious about hiring me!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Warrior is a Child

Lately I've been winning battles left and right
But even winners can get wounded in the fight
People say that I'm amazing
Strong beyond my years
But they don't see inside of me
I'm hiding all the tears

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and cry for just a while
'Cause deep inside this armor
The warrior is a child

Unafraid because His armor is the best
But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest
People say that I'm amazing
Never face retreat
But they don't see the enemies
That lay me at His feet

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and cry for just a while
'Cause deep inside this armor
the warrior is a child

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and look up for a smile
'Cause deep inside this armor
Deep inside this armor
Deep inside this armor
The Warrior is a Child

~Twila Paris

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Story from My Life

I thought I would share this incredibly random story from my life that happened the other day.
I had been out and about job hunting (which if any of you think about it, please pray that I find a job with lots of hours) and then I decided to stop at Dollar Tree because I needed a few things.
Well, I get in line and it's my turn to check out when I realized that I didn't have any cash...only my credit and debit cards. So I ran the one card through and it was denied, which I thought was strange, but the cashier said that sometimes the card reader acts funny. So I tried the other card, it too was denied. She then asked if I wanted her to try to run my debit card through as a credit card, and I said, "Sure!" So she tried that and it was denied as well. It was really strange. I said, "Well, I'm just gonna have to leave it here cuz I don't have any other way to pay for it!" There was a guy standing behind me in line who handed the cashier money and said, "Here I'll pay for it!" I was like, " don't have to do that!" He said, "I know, but it's not very much anyways!" My response was, "Ok, if you want to...Thanks!" Apparently he was a caregiver for mentally handicapped people, because he had two handicapped guys with him. One of them said (REALLY LOUDLY), "It was nice of you to do that for that lady!" And his response was, "Well, that's what gentlemen do for ladies!" I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me!!! It was interesting to say the least!
I guess I should probably thank the Lord for providing those things for me, and now I can, but at that moment I was soooo embarrassed! All of my friends got a kick outta the story so I thought I'd share it with all of you and I hope that you guys get a smile out of it too! :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Leanness of Soul

The other day in my devotions I was reading Psalm 106. The Psalm is going over the history of Israel starting from the plagues in Egypt. It describes the plagues and the parting of the Red Sea and how the Israelites praised God. Verse 13 however, drastically changes the whole attitude of the Psalm, "Yet how quickly they forgot what he had done! They wouldn't wait for his counsel!" How easy it is for any of us, myself included, when life is going good to forget the things that God has done for us and to not listen to Him. The Psalm goes on to tell how they began to worship other gods and go after the things that they wanted. Verse 15 says, "And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul." That last phrase really got me, so often I choose to go my own way and and I refuse to listen to God's warnings and every time that I do that He does give me a leanness of soul. The sad thing is, I'm so often caught up in whatever I'm doing that, like the Israelites, I don't even realize what I'm doing until God has to do something drastic to get my attention. In the Jews case, even the deaths of Dathan and Abiram didn't wake them up. It got to a point where God was ready to destroy all of His chosen people, but had it not been for the prayers of Moses the Jewish nation as we know it today would not be around. "Therefore he said that he would destroy them, had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach, to turn away his wrath lest he should destroy them." (verse 23).
The Hebrews continually got worse. Finally God sent them into captivity. This passage hints at the fact that God not only sent them into captivity once, but He sent them many times because of their lack of ability to stay close to God. "Many times did he deliver them; but they provoked him with their counsel, and were brought low for their iniquity." (verse 43). The best part comes in verses 44 and 45, "Nevertheless he regarded their affliction, when he heard their cry: and he remembered for them his covenant, and repented according to the multitude of his mercies." Ah, how good of God to rescue us from the situations that we put ourselves into. As long as we are saved it doesn't matter where we go, or to what extent of sin we get into, if we cry to God, and repent and ask Him to rescue us, He will. "He made them also to be pitied of all those that carried them captives." (verse 46).
It would be so much easier and better for all of us were we not to ever get out of God's will for our lives. However, I honestly don't know anyone who has never done anything wrong, or at some point been out of God's will. I know that I've been in that position, and I know that I've messed up big time in many areas and had a lot of that "leanness of soul." I also know that God has had to use some pretty drastic situations in my life to get my attention. Yet each and every time that I've cried to Him in my captivity, He has been merciful to me and rescued me from my distresses. What an awesome God. "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting: and let all the people say, Amen. Praise ye the Lord." (verse 48).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Furious Squall

"A furious squall came up." (Mark 4:37)

Some of life's storms - a great sorrow, a bitter disappointment, a crushing defeat - suddenly come upon us. Others may come slowly, appearing on the uneven edge of the horizon no larfer than a person's hand. But trouble that seems so insignificant spreads until it covers the sky and overwhelms us.
Yet it is in the storm that God equips us for service. When God wants an oak tree, He plants it where the storms will shake it and the rains will beat down upon it. It is in the midnight battle with the elements that the oak develops its rugged fiver and becomes the king of the forest.
When God wants to make a person, He puts him into some storm. The history of humankind has always been rough and rugged. No one is complete until he has been out in the surge of the storm and has found the glorious fulfillment of the prayer "O God, take me, break me, make me."
A Frenchman painted a picture of universal genius. In his painting stand famous orators, philosophers, and martyrs, all of whom have achieved preeminence in various aspects of life. The remarkable fact about the picture is this: every person who is preeminent for his ability was first preeminent for suffering. In the foreground stands the figure of the man who was denied the Promised Land : Moses. Beside him, feeling his way, is blind Homer. Milton is there, blind and heartbroken. Then there is the form of One who towers above them all. What is His characteristic? His face is marred more than any other. The artist might have titled that great picture The Storm.
The beauties of nature come after the storm. The rugged beauty of the mountain is born in a storm, and the heroes of life are the storm-swept by the raging winds. Have they left you broken, weary, and beaten in the valley, or have they lifted you to the sunlit summits of a richer, deeper, more abiding manhood or womanhood? Have they left you with more sympathy for the storm-swept and the battle scarred?

Selected From the book Streams in the Desert compiled by L.B. Cowman

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Poem ala Minnesota

It's winter in Minnesota
And the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
At thirty-five below.

Oh, how I love Minnesota
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Minnesota
I'm frozen to the ground!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today in chapel Pastor Delany preached about things in the ministry that are needed in your personal life. He gave several points, but the one that stuck out to me the most was the last one, "Be Careful What You Strive For." Pastor D then brought out a REALLY good point, as a college student -whether in Bible college, or in any other college, or really in any kind of work, for whom are we doing what we're doing? Are we striving to do our best to please the Father, or are we doing our work for ourselves? Also, if we want to bring true honor and glory to God are we doing a good job with our work, or are we just doing what we can to get by? If that's the case then we really aren't bringing God any glory, rather we're bringing shame to Him.
I know for me it's really easy to fall into "just getting by," and not really doing my very best. Or even worse, when I do well, and get praised for it that I like to get that praise and keep it for myself instead of giving God the glory for giving me the ability to do well. I need to constantly remind myself of I Corinthians 10:31 "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to School

I arrived at Shawnee late last night and today was registration and book buying and all of those fun things. I'm now officially a second semester sophomore...isn't THAT thrilling?! The sad thing is that I'm only 6 credits from being a Junior! Oh well...that will come soon enough.
Here is my schedule for the semester:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: US History II, 8-8:50
Thursday, Friday: Biology, 8-9:40
Biblical Ethics, 10-10:50
Friday: Christian Womanhood, 11-11:50

I'm also taking 3 independent studies, they are "Intro to Youth Education," "Handwriting," and "Prayer." I will also be interning in the Christian school, I'm just not sure which class I will be in. I'll find that out sometime this week.

I'm only taking a total of 17 credits this semester!! I wanted to take more, but they weren't offering very many classes that I needed.

Please also pray that I find a job with a lot of hours. My job is hardly giving me any hours and I can't really afford to do that. I already spent 3 hours today filling out applications. I have 2 good leads so far, one at a consignment bookstore, which sounds like a lot of fun, and would be something I would really enjoy. My other job possibility is at Office Depot. I filled out an application today and the manager said that he would get back with me tomorrow. I'm also planning on filling out applications at several restaurant. Please pray that God will provide for me.
*****All of my books except for Biology and Prayer*****

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So often I find myself being discontent with life. I can look through my life and see time after time that something went wrong and I really want to question God over it. I say, "Hey God, ummmm…You know I'm down here and what just happened, well, it didn't exactly seem right - in fact, it seemed really wrong, and hurt really badly. Why God? But Paul said in Philippians 4:11, "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." OUCH! I don't like to be content with my life. I like to complain to God about how awful my life is at the moment. The thing is, God already knows what my life is like, after all He is the one who planned it out, not me. But God can see the big picture. He can see how trials and testing in my life are growing and stretching me as an individual, and even more importantly, as a Christian.
Contentment is something that I've always struggled with and I still do struggle with it. I want to make things the way that I think they should be. It's a constant process for me and I'd love to say that I had the answer, but I don't. The only way for me to find contentment is to lean on God and to trust in Him more.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What am I Looking for in a Wife

By A Young Man

WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR IN A WIFE? I want a girl who's interested in friendship first. I've run into three types of girls over the years - two of them make me chuckle, but with a hint of sorrow inside. The third class I've observed always makes me stop and think. And smile.

JUST SAY HI BUT DON'T BE FEROCIOUS There are two types of young ladies, one at either end of the "girl spectrum." The first is most prevalent in ultra conservative, homeschool settings. She ignores the existence of the guys around her, believing the lie that any interaction with a guy is either sinful or premature romantic involvement. That's just wrong - God created both genders to edify and challenge each other!

I would say to that girl, just get over yourself, and say hi!

Then there's the other extreme, the "ferocious females." Now, I have to say that I appreciate energetic, engaging girls. What concerns me, however, is that with some of these young ladies, they display a sense of discontent with their singleness. "Need" is not attractive in a girl. When a girl already has an interesting life, she then has something to bring to the marriage.

LOOKING FOR SARAH This brings us to the type of girl that is very appealing and attractive. I like it when a young lady I meet takes the time to both talk and listen, especially when God has given us similar passions in life. And I believe that mutual passion that has the power to keep us together for a lifetime. At least, I think so. Remember, I am still single.

Beyond that, my attention is always piqued when a girl is walking in the freedom of Christ. The most attractive women I've met are those who are satisfied where they are, yet are open for more of what God has for them. This is a freedom only God can give. But I'm looking for one more thing: confidence. A girl who has placed her confidence in Christ, who isn't "afraid with any amazement" (I Peter 3:6) but resembles Sarah - that's a girl who will make any guy turn his head. Including this one.

My happily married brother has wisely told me, "Find a girl who is willing to follow. But you must be willing to give up as much as you've asked her to give up." That's what Sarah and Abraham did. They followed God even when they didn't understand what He wanted. Sarah trusted God despite Abraham's deficiencies. Sarah wasn't afraid. She was confident in God. Yeah, I'm keeping my eye out for Sarah.

What I Want in a Guy!

By a Young Woman

I am a 22-year-old girl who has met and seen my fair share of couples. I've traveled a good bit and lived with/helped out different families doing mission work. These experiences have helped me figure out who I am today, and have been instrumental in showing me what I need in a husband.

When I was 17, my cousins and friends, who are a few years older than I, all stated getting married. So I naturally thought, "Well, I guess I should get married, too, because it seems to be the next step in life." But the guy I would have married then and the guy I would marry now are two completely different types of men. I didn't even know myself yet, much less what I should look for in a man.

I think, as homeschoolers, we are raised with the idea that marriage is the next important step in the school of life. I believe that attitude limits a person. I want to do something significant with my life, including learning all I have a capacity to comprehend, all for the purpose of making an eternal difference. I encourage girls to think: What are your dreams, what do you want to do, what do you want to know? Get out and do something, whether it's starting a business, (which could include homemaking skills) or buying a piece of land. Go help out a missionary for six months. It will give you a whole new outlook on life and an appreciation for missionaries! It will grow you, give you more confidence, and help you figure out what you need in a husband. Every man is attracted to a woman who's busy with abundant life, someone who is on the front side of making things happen.

Years ago I was chatting with a married couple who are good friends of mine, and who know me well they helped me figure out what I personally needed in a man. I wrote a list that day of five things I most need in a man!

1. I know that I need a Strong Leader who's not going to let me shove him around. I want someone who is going to stand up and be the man!
2. Yet I need someone who is Open-minded, who will listen to all my crazy theories about life!
3. He needs to be Passionate, so that whatever he does, he does it with a fire under his boots!
4. I want him to be Spontaneous, full of zeal about life, and not afraid to jump into an adventure. I am a very enthusiastic person, and I love to do things on the spur of the moment. I want to marry someone I can jump on board with!
5. And I must have a man who Loves and Honors God and is already actively serving the Lord and has a deep-seated vision for life.

2-Part Series

I was going through my desk a few days ago and I stumbled across a magazine from No Greater Joy that my mom had given to me this summer. In it were two short articles, one by a young man, and the other by a young woman. I reread them and was very impressed, so I thought that I would share them with all of you. These are taken from the July-August 2009 issue.
I will say that I don't always agree with NGJ, but a lot of what they have to say is pretty good.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve Fun!!

We went to my Aunt Beth's house for New Years Eve and then spent the night. We had a lot of fun with everyone, and of course took a million pictures! :) Just a word of warning, some of these pictures get a little graphic, so if you're weak stomached you may not want to proceed!!

*****Mom and Adreonna looking at "The Encyclopedia of Immaturity"*****
*****I don't think any explanation is needed for this picture!*****

*****My adorable cousin Jenna - I love the messy face and fingers*****

*****A new cousin, Ashlin, I think she's gorgeous!*****

*****And another new cousin, Austin*****

*****Samuel and Will*****

***The whole group of us*****



*****Ashlin, Mom, and Aunt Beth*****
*****Some intense play dough time!*****

*****Another adorable cousin, Jayde*****

*****We did a white elephant gift exchange*****

*****He's probably trying to figure out WHICH present looks the best!*****

****Yes, that is a plunger in his face - no it had never been used before*****

*****Will dressed for Success!!!!!*****

*****Me and Adreonna*****
I love the way her eyes are- that's a typical Adreonna look!!! :)

****Yup, the plunger is stuck to the ceiling - my family is crazy, what can I say?!*****

*****And we finished the evening by watching "Up"*****