Friday, November 27, 2009

Lessons From Deployment

When Jason was first deployed I really struggled with the Navy pretty much taking all of his time. I was looking back in my journal the other day, and near the beginning of his deployment I saw some entries where I was pretty mad at the Navy. I'll be honest, I had some pretty bad attitudes about it, which I'm NOT proud about at all! As I kept reading I saw how I began to slowly realize that if I wanted Jason, then I'd have to learn to deal with the Navy, and that the best thing for me to do was to walk closer with God and to focus on others instead of myself. Mainly I had to learn to cherish even more the time that I did have with him, and make the most of it. Did that always take away the ache of missing him? no! But it DID make our time together more precious and times apart less stressful.
Pretty much up until we say our "I do's" our relationship will be this way, because even once he comes back to the states we will both still be in school, and schedules will still vary.
On my own, I would probably throw in the towel and say, "Forget it! I can't do this!" But with God's help I know that what I'm doing is right, and in the end it will be worth it all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful Reflections

Looking back over this past year I was honestly shocked at all that has gone on this year. This has been the craziest year of my life. I've had the most horrible hurts and pains, physically, mentally, and spiritually. But yet, at the same time I've been blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

As Thanksgiving draws closer, I have really begun to look at my blessings, if I were to "Count them one by one" I'd be writing all day long. So, I'm going to try to focus on big things, and hopefully I won't overwhelm you, although I'm slightly overwhelmed myself!

One huge blessing was my family coming to visit me in NY for Thanksgiving last year. That was a HUGE and amazing blessing, and an amazing surprise. Only God knows just how much I needed my family at that time.

By Christmas break, I was REALLY, REALLY sick, which resulted in a not so fun Christmas break. However I learned so much through that sickness. God taught me some VERY important lessons. As funny as it might sound, I am thankful for the pain and hurt, because through it all, God drew me closer to Him.

To add to that blessing, I'm so thankful that the doctors were able to figure out what was wrong with me, just in time, and I was able to have surgery before my break was over, so I didn't have to miss any school.

My second semester of school brought some very important friends into my life. The McMahons, and Phillips' became like my second family and without them I don't think that I could have survived through my last semester in New York.

Oh, a crazy blessing about New York, and a thing I'm very thankful for, COFFEE! Before college I thought coffee was of the devil, NOW HOWEVER…mmm….it's great stuff! :) I love Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks is pretty good as well.

Coming back from NY I was once again sick, actually, I had been sick since Spring break. I was trying to see a blessing in that, and it was kinda hard. So I thought, and thought, and the blessing I could find was that through all the doctor visits, I got a good dose of Dunkin Donuts, cuz there is a DD about 3 miles from the doctors office! I know…that was crazy!

In June my family went to Antigo, WI for my best friends mom's memorial service. It was really hard and sad, but at the same time it was wonderful to see how Mrs. Pieri's quiet, loving personality was able to bless so many people. It was also nice to see Bro. Pieri, and Faith, and Joseph and spend quite a bit of time with them.

On June 16 my parents celebrated their 20th anniversary! I have to say that I'm VERY thankful for that because without them getting married, well, needless to say I wouldn't be here right now. I was able to throw a surprise party for my parents! Well, dad knew about it (that's because I clued him in on the whole thing), but somehow I managed to pull it off on mom, which was my main goal! It was AWESOME! :)

Also, not intentionally, on June 16 God brought the biggest blessing into my life. Many of you already know this, but I'll put it in here anyways. I sent an email to a Navy sailor who is stationed in Japan, who a friend of mine had been telling me about for quite awhile…actually, bugging me about! ;) Finally because I was tired of her bugging me, I gave in and sent Jason Hunsicker an email…hoping that I would never hear anything back, and also hoping that it would get Amanda off my back. Welllll….neither one of those things happened. Jason did send me an email back and I responded and the rest is history. Now after thousands of emails back and forth, and countless hours spent on the phone we have developed a relationship that goes beyond my wildest imaginations. Wow! I could go on and on…but lest I bore you with the wonderful details of my life, I will move on! :)

Other blessings this summer included seeing my friend LeAnne, whom I hadn't seen since 8th grade, the Pieri's coming to IN for a weekend, Samuel getting to go to flight camp, and then going on a missions trip to Canada.

Then in August I began college at Shawnee Baptist College in New Albany, IN. This is my first year here, but I'm still a Sophomore, which reminds me of another blessing…all my credits from International transferred without any problems. So far this semester has been jammed packed with school and work and trying to cram a few extra things in every once in a while.

The Saturday before Labor Day my former roommate got married in TN and I was able to go to her wedding and also was able to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.

In September my Grandma Drazich visited my family for a few weeks, and one weekend they came down here to visit. It was nice to see my family, and I hadn't seen my grandma since my high school graduation!

October brought some bitter sweet news, Jason isn't going to be able to take me to the Christmas banquet in December, but he is still coming home, just a week later than originally planned. It did work out though that we will end up getting to spend more time together than if he had been able to come home the week earlier.

November also brought a WONDERFUL blessing, my brother got saved! That was the best news that I had heard in a long time!

I guess to sum it all up, this year has been the most amazing year of my life, and I'm sooo thankful to God for all that He has done for me!

Friday, November 20, 2009

True Love

I ran across this article on True Love today and thought I'd share it with all of you! It's really good and was a huge blessing and help to me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I had to write this paper for my science class, and I know that Jason wanted to read it, so I just decided to post it for anyone who is interested.

The Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider, also known as the LHC, built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN), is a 27 kilometer ring that runs 175 meters underneath the French and Switzerland border. It is the world’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator, and was built for the purpose of finding out what happened right before and right after the Big Bang. Using Physics, the end goal is to figure out what caused the Big Bang and what the universe was like before, during, and after it; and trying to find out if the Higgs boson is real, or if it is simply a myth. In addition to these, the LHC will also attempt to discover other “new physics,” and try to find missing forms of matter that were supposedly created during the Big Bang.

Scientists, trying to discover how the world was created, are attempting to recreate the Big Bang and figure out the missing parts of the Standard Model, which is how they prove the Big Bang. They are also making attempts to find the Higgs Boson, a hypothesized particle that is necessary for the Standard Model to work, but has as of yet to be found anywhere, or seen acting in the universe, or some other particle that will fill in the gaps and make the Standard Model correct. Some of the key questions that physicists are hoping to answer through the LHC are, “Is the Higgs Mechanism for generating elementary particle masses in the Standard Model indeed realized in nature?” “Are electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weaker nuclear force just different manifestations of a single unified force, as predicted by various Grand Unification Theories?” “What is the nature of dark matter and dark energy?” “Are there extra dimensions, as predicted by various models inspired by string theory, and can we detect them?” “Are there additional sources of quark flaw or violation beyond those already predicted within the Standard Model?”[1] Professor Stephen Hawkings (University of Cambridge) said, “Whatever the LHC finds, or fails to find, the results will tell us a lot about the structure of the universe.”[2]

Operation began on September 10, 2008 when the first proton beams went completely around the main ring of the Large Hadron Collider. However, only a few days later on September 19, 2008 when two of the superconducting magnets faulted resulting in millions of dollars in damages, and halted the LHC for over a year. In all, 53 magnets were damaged during the incident. The plan was to once again begin operation sometime mid-November 2009, but that has been pushed out to sometime in December 2009, with the hopes that the LHC will be up and running by Christmas 2009.

Many scientists and other people are concerned that the Large Hadron Collider will be the end of the world. There are many “doomsday” theories predicting black holes on the earth. A black hole is a spot that has such a large pull of gravity that everything falls in, but nothing can come out. Another fear is of strangelets, which have been hypothesized to be made from quark. Quark is also a hypothesized elementary particle which is vital to the Standard Model. In 2003 and again in 2008 the European Organization for Nuclear Research mandated a study safety analysis to be done, and both of them reported that the Large Hadron Collider was safe, and would not cause any permanent negative damage to the earth. These reports were backed by the Executive Committee of the Division of Particles and Fields of American Physical Society, as well as a peer-review by the Journal of Physics G.[3] There have been several major news media outlets including The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Sydney Morning Herald, Time, CNN, and MSNBC that have protested in some way the possible threat to the earth caused by the Large Hadron Collider. In September 2008 Romania’s Conservative Party protested the Large Hadron Collider before the European Commission mission to Bucharest.

Hawking radiation could help to relieve some of the fears of black holes. It is a thermal radiation predicted to be emitted by black holes due to quantum effect.[4] The type of black holes that the Large Hadron Collider could produce is a type that loses matter faster than they gain it because of the Hawking effect. If the LHC can produce black holes, they would disappear almost as fast as they were created, removing almost all of the problems that they could create on the earth.

The design of the Large Hadron Collider is very complicated. The LHC has 1,232 dipole magnets which are used to keep the protons going around in a circle. It also had 392 quadruple magnets which keep the beams focused. Another 1,600 superconducting magnets are used to keep the temperature at -271°C, colder than outer space! The total weight of the magnets is over 27 metric tons (approximately 59,525 pounds)!

The proton beams are put into two bunches and rotated around the circle at set intervals so that the interaction between the proton bunches happens at set times that are no more than 25 nanoseconds apart. [5] The proton beams are accelerated during their rotation through the LHC to as high as 14 TeV, that is approximately 99.9999991% of the speed of light and takes less than 90 nanoseconds for a proton beam to travel once around the main ring. This equals about 11,000 times around the ring per second![6] The data that the Large Hadron Collider produces is astounding! Every year the LHC puts out 15 petabytes of information. To put that in perspective, if someone were to take all the words that are spoken each year by everyone in the world it would only equal approximately 2 to 3 petabytes! According to The Thai Indian article “The Large Hadron Collider” the LHC will at the most reach half of its potential by 2011,[7] which means that the LHC has the ability to produce even more information than it already has produced.

There are four main experiments that are planned for the Large Hadron Collider. The first one is ATLANTIS which is attempting to figure out from where everything came, and more specifically, where mass comes from. ATLANTIS is also trying to find “new physics” to help find the origin of the universe. CMS, the second experiment, is looking for the Higgs boson, and is also trying to figure out what dark matter is, and what it does. ALICE is attempting to find the liquid form of matter, also called quark, or gluon plasma, that supposedly existed right after the Big Bang, but disappeared at some unknown point in time and has never been seen by scientists. The final experiment called LHCb simply is trying to find where the anti-matter disappeared, and why it disappeared. ATLAS and CMS will look for super symmetric particles to test likely hypothesis for the makeup of dark matter.[8]

The world is desperately trying to come up with answers for how the universe began. They don’t want to have to admit that there is a God that they will have to answer to, so instead they turn to science and spend millions of dollars just so that they don’t have to be accountable for their sin. “This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart.” – Ephesians 4:18. As Christians we know that God created the world. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” –Genesis 1:1 “To whom them will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One. Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth.” - Isaiah 40:25-26. The world needs to see that without God they will not be able to find any permanent answers. As Christians it is our responsibility to tell them of Christ and his salvation. “But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he [Jesus] unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.” – Matthew 9:36-38










Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Life

I just realized that I haven't written a post about the happenings in my life in a LONG time! So I decided to do so now. I know that most of you already know everything, but maybe not everyone, or everything.
This semester is beginning to wind down, THANKFULLY! We have less than a week in a half before Thanksgiving break, and following break we have about one in a half weeks of school, including finals before we are completely done!! YAY!
Classes have been going well. I'm still struggling with the science class, but my grades are getting better in that, which is good. Please keep praying.
My internship at the Christian school has been interesting to say the least. Mrs. Whitaker, the original teacher resigned, and so for a long time all that the class had was substitute teachers. It was kinda interesting. Now they have a new teacher, Miss Snider, and she's VERY hard to intern for. She has me teaching a 4th grade history lesson, and a 3rd grade science lesson every week. I really like teaching, but it's a lot of work to add to the work that I already have to do!
I enjoy my job for the most part, although I'm not getting nearly enough hours. Only about 8 hours a week, and that's not nearly enough to get me through. I had started to look for another job, but I decided to wait until next semester, because I'm not sure if any other job will let me take Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks off and I REALLY need those breaks!
Of course the most important thing right now is Jason! ;) He has been deployed for quite awhile, but thankfully his deployment ends THIS WEEK!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited! It seems like he's been deployed FOREVER! On top of that in 23 days (I think) he's flying back to the US, and in 27 days we will FINALLY get to meet!!! I CAN'T WAIT! He is coming down here to Shawnee December 12 and 13 to spend the weekend. School gets out either the 16th or 17th and Jason is coming to my house on the 17th through the 22nd, and then we are going to his house the 22nd through the 27th when he has to go back to Japan. I'm sure it will be an AMAZING time!
Anyway, that's a brief summary of my life right now...sorry it's been so long since I last updated all of you and I will try to do it more often in the future.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Honesty Tag

I was just awarded the Honest Scrap award from Rosebud!

The Rules:

I need to...

1. Say thanks and link to the person who gave you the award.

2. Share ten "honest" things about myself (in some of these cases, I have discovered that the word "honest" is synonymous with "embarrassing").

3. Award this to seven people who's blog design/content I admire or who have encouraged me, and inform them of their win and of the rules of this award.

Now I will list my ten honesties: ;)

1. I really want to go to Japan

2.I really like to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee and a big blanket on a cold winter day and read for hours.

3. I play the piano and cello, and took violin lessons for a couple of years when I was in junior high

4. I want to learn to play precussion some day.

5. I have to set 3 alarms every morning, or else I do not wake up!

6. I really hate mornings, but ever since I began college, I've learned that mornings are the ONLY quiet time in the dorms, so now I get up early, just to have some peace and quiet.

7. I want to be a teacher when I grow up! :)

8. I REALLY like chocolate, coffee, and ice cream!

9. People who are nosy and create a TON of drama drive me UP THE WALL!!!

I award the "Honest Scrap" award to:

Jason just because... :)

Elizabeth J. because her blog is always so full of Godly, uplifting little tid-bits that are a great encouragement t0 me.

Bethany A. cuz I don't think Rosebud tagged her earlier! :)

Kylo because I know that he will probably roll his eyes and say, "meh, whatever!" and eventually, he MIGHT do it!! :P

And other than that, I really don't have any one else to tag...

I know it says to award seven people, but I don't necessarily have seven to choose. :P Hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

In my life I have been blessed to know many men and women who were/are in the military, people who served their country, loved their country, and wanted the best for their country. I could list soooo many, but I want to focus on five men, 3 of whom were in the military, and 2 who are currently in the military right now.

I'll start with my grandpa, Michael Drazich. I really don't know much about his military service, except that he was in the Army in WWII. He never talked about it much and whenever the topic did come up he rarely said anything. All I know is that he was in Europe fighting during that time.

The second man that I'm thinking of is my daddy, Paul Drazich. He was in the Coast Guard in the 1980s. He loves to tell stories of the things he did, and my favorite thing as a little girl was to crawl up on his lap and have him tell me stories of his time on the ships. I could probably tell all of his stories as good as can tell them! He was stationed on the Great Lakes, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, and on Governor's Island in NYC teaching electronics.

The last of the 3 men who were in the military is my friend and hero, Aaron Williams. Aaron was a Marine, and the best of the best. Of any one person I know, Aaron was the most patriotic person in the world. He was also one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving, caring, generous person I've ever known. Aaron had NO enemies, and that's saying a lot for a person, everyone loved and cared deeply for the rough and tough Marine, with a BIG heart. Soon before he was to be deployed for Iraq, Aaron was diagnosed with brain cancer, at the age of 30. All the plans and dreams that he had came crashing down around him with a diagnosis of 6 months to live. However, instead of allowing the circumstances to get him down and ruin his life, Aaron chose to fight, and fight he did, for 3 years! But finally, after touching thousands of lives, God decided that it was time to call Aaron home to Him, and on June 22, 2007.

Next comes my dear friend Ray Pfahl. He is in the Army, and pretty close to being a big brother, without actually being one! Ray is 22 and has been in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He just got back from Iraq in August. Please pray for him, because he is not saved, and as he sees more and more pain and sorrow only gets harder and harder toward God. He is still one of my good friends, and I think I'm probably the only Christian that he allows to get close to him.

Lastly, and the most recent to come into my life is Jason Hunsicker, who is in the Navy. I know that I could go on and on and on about him… :) Anyway, well he has been in the Navy since August 2007, and is stationed in Yokosuka Japan on the USS Blue Ridge, which is the flagship for the 7th fleet. Currently he is deployed somewhere in the Pacific.

I just wanted to say thank you too all of the men and women who are or have been in the military and to their families as well.

***Aaron Williams***
***Daddy (on the left)***

Monday, November 9, 2009

Freedom Isn't Free!

This song was sung by the choir on Sunday night, and in getting ready for Veterans Day on Wednesday, I thought it would be very fitting to post now. I am preparing a Veterans Day post, or else I would have waited until then to post this:

We've known the gift of freedom

From sea to shining sea.

The Stars and Stripes,

Our banner still stands for liberty.

But the freedom that we know

Was bought by blood

that flowed on the battlefield,

By soldiers, brave and strong!

That's why freedom, freedom isn't free!

It costs the lives of those who die,

To make our nation free;

And each sacrifice became the price

To buy my liberty,

Because freedom, freedom isn't free!

The winds of war keep blowing

As nations rise and fall.

New soldiers in the army

Still answer freedoms call.

And they say their sad good-byes

To those they leave behind,

Separation is the price that they must pay.

That's why freedom, freedom isn't free!

It costs the lives of those who dies

To make our nation free;

And each sacrifice became the price

To buy my liberty,

Because freedom, freedom isn't free!

For every generation,

For every living soul,

The blood of Christ was gven to

Make each sinner whole.

Jesus suffered on the cross

With His own blood He paid sin's cost

That each soul might have

The chance to be redeemed.

That's why freedom, freedom isn't free!

It costs the lives of those who dies

To make our nation free;

And each sacrifice became the price

To buy my liberty,

Because freedom, freedom isn't free!

by Brett Bedwell

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Homemaking Tips

Part of the requirements for my Christian Womanhood class was to come up with 50 homemaking tips. We were allowed to use outside sources as well, as use ideas of our own or that we had learned from our mom's or others. So I thought I'd share them with all of you!

1. To clean off the oven window, make a paste of baking soda and water. Rub onto the window and let sit for about 15 minutes. Wipe clean with a paper towel and clear water.
2. Silver that has dulled can be shined up again by rubbing a potato dipped in baking soda. Or when you boil potatoes, save the water to soak your silver in. (
3. Add 3 teaspoons of Epsom salts to wash water to prevent colored fabrics from fading and to help keep the colors from running.
4. Once a month flush some yogurt into your septic system to prevent buildup.
5. If your glasses are cloudy, fill them with water and a few drops of ammonia. Let them soak for an hour then rinse them thoroughly with hot water.
6. Make lists. When you have a lot of things to do and remember you're bound to forget something. Make lists and attach them to the fridge or to a cork board, anywhere that you'll be likely to notice them.
7. Do dishes while cooking – it makes the clean up process so much easier and it’s more efficient
8. Use Windex and a tooth brush to clean wrist watch bands
9. Don’t go grocery shopping while you’re hungry
10. Always make a shopping list – this keeps you from making extra unnecessary trips to the store to get things you forgot and it also helps to keep from making impulse purchases
11. Use coupons.
12. Compare store circulars.
13. Garages sales are great ways to get rid of unwanted junk and to make some extra money.
14. Keep an extra loaf of bread in the freezer just in case you run out when you’re least expecting it.
15. Shop at scratch and dent stores – the food or other items are usually fine, and they are priced a LOT cheaper than if they are bought at a retail store.
16. Make leftovers into other things
17. Use pine bark chips for mulch for flower beds
18. Use vinegar as a weed killer.
19. Rub shaving cream into the bathroom mirror and keep rubbing until the mirror is shiny – this will keep the mirror from fogging.
20. Shop at Goodwill’s, Salvation Army’s, and other thrift stores.
21. Use Windex to get stains out of the carpet
22. Sprinkle fresh coffee grounds on carpet that has an odor right before going to bed, in the morning vacuum it up and the smell should be gone – don’t try on light colored carpet!
23. Put a paper towel in the sink and peel potatoes over that, when done simply pick up the paper towel and throw it away, this saves in bending over the trash can and hurting your back.
24. Keep an emergency kit handy at all times to prevent stress when you have a mishap.
25. Put oil on the bottom of ice cube trays to keep them from sticking to each other.
26. For a good night of sleep drink milk with honey right before bed – both milk and honey are good laxatives.
27. To get rid of ants sprinkle baby powder where the ants are coming from – baby powder has talcum in it which is a natural any repellent
28. Mix together some baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice until the mixture reaches a pasty consistency. Rub this paste vigorously on the surface of the coin.If the dirt is stubborn and still stuck on the coin, get half a cup of vinegar and pour it in an aluminum-lined bowl. Soak the coin in the vinegar overnight. The next day, repeat the process of rubbing the paste on the coin. This time, it would be much easier to remove the dirt as it had already been softened when the coin was soaked in vinegar.
29. To get the scaley stuff out of a kettle mix equal parts of water and vinegar. Heat up the mixture and let it boil for a few minutes. Pour the mixture inside the kettle and let it stand overnight. The following day, pour out the mixture and rinse the kettle thoroughly.
30. Take a piece of banana skin and use it to clean your teeth in a circular motion. Do this everyday and within two weeks you should see a clear improvement in the color of your teeth.
31. Keep club soda on hand to clean up spills on carpet and clothing. Club soda will remove red wine, coffee, tea, pop (yes even red pop!) Kool-Aid™ and many other spills you can think of. Lift any solids carefully off carpet or clothes and then pour on the club soda, blotting with a white rag until all the color from the spill is removed. Blot carpet easily by folding a rag and standing on it, turning the rag as it absorbs moisture and discoloration from the spill. The carbonation in the club soda brings the offending spill to the surface so you can blot it up
32. Heat white vinegar until it is hot, but not too hot to pour into a spray bottle and work with. Spray it on the shower and tub heavily. Wait 10-15 minutes and then moisten a scrubbing-type sponge with more of the vinegar and scrub down the shower, using additional heated vinegar as necessary. Rinse well and dry.
33. If you don’t have a cleaning closet, here’s an idea: hang an over-the-door shoe bag with clear plastic pockets behind your garage or laundry-room door, and use it for storing cleaning supplies.
34. Use felt pads on wood floors under heavy furniture to protect floors from dents and gouges, and when moving heavy furniture, lift - don't slide - the piece to avoid scratching the wood.
35. Dust cloth lampshades with a lint roller.
36. To clean a microwave bring a cup of water to boil in the microwave, the steam will help loosen dried on particles making them easily wiped away.
37. Use baking soda to wipe down the inside of the refrigerator. It scrubs and eliminates odors without damaging surfaces.
38. Washing dishes can be a great time to have a parent interview with a child you need to reconnect with. The job may not go more quickly, but you'll be accomplishing a lot more than clean dishes
39. Every three months (once a season), pour a mix of ¼ cup ammonia and 1 quart boiling water — per drain — into your bathroom and kitchen drains to dissolve grease and loosen clumps before they become a problem. This mixture doesn’t work on drains that are already clogged — it’s only intended to prevent clogged drains.
40. If you have a tough time removing pet smells from your living room furniture, place dryer sheets inside an envelope and tuck them under the cushions. When you and your guests sit down, the air from the cushions mixes with the smell of the dryer sheet.
41. After cleaning your bathroom tiles, apply a coat of car wax — it will help water and stains run off so you’ll have to clean them less often.
42. If you’re out of silver cleaner and need to touch up a tarnished spot quickly, rub it with toothpaste. It will shine.
43. To absorb odors from your kitchen trash, leave a couple of used fabric softener sheets in the bottom of the kitchen trash can.
44. To clean your tea kettle fill it with a cup each of apple cider vinegar and water and boil for five minutes. Repeat if necessary.
45. To make a small room look larger the use mirrors is very effective, possibly ceiling to floor on a wall, or framed mirrors hung in important places and with groupings.
46. Mushrooms should be wiped off with a damp cloth and not washed under the faucet since they are like sponges and will absorb the water.
47. To prevent sticking, brush or spray a light coating of oil on grid.
48. To substitute honey for sugar in recipes, start by substituting
up to half of the sugar called for. With a little experimentation,
honey can replace all the sugar in some recipes.
49. Do not use dried herbs in the same quantity as fresh. In most cases, use 1/3 the amount in dried as is called for fresh.
50. Cool leftovers as quickly as possible. Reheat to 165® F before serving again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Those that Love Him

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. ~II Cor. 2: 9

Recently I read this verse in my devotions and I began to really think about it. Sometimes when I start looking at my circumstances I wonder what in the world God is doing. I want to say, "Uh hello God, ummm…I'm down here, and life's kinda hard, and I don't know what You are doing! Would You mind letting me in on the secret?" But then I have to realize that God can see everything that is going on and not only that HE is orchestrating everything in my life and in the end I will be able to look back and see that everything that I went through worked out for my good and God's plans are so much better than mine. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." ~Jeremiah 29:11

I hope this thought encouraged you as much as it did me. Life is rough, but God has plans for each of us that go beyond our wildest dreams if we stay focused on Him and love Him. Keep your chin up, and continue to trust the Lord.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

In the Valley

When I'm low in spirit, I cry, "Lord, lift me up,
I want to go higher with Thee!"
But nothing grows high on a mountain,
So He picked out a valley for me.

And He leads me beside still waters
Somewhere in the valley below.
And He draws me aside to be tested and tried,
But in the valley, He restoreth my soul.

It's dark as a dungeon, and the sun seldom shines,
And I question, "Lord, why must this be?"
Then He tells me there's strength in my sorrow,
And there's victory in trials for me!

Then He leads me beside still waters
Somewhere in the valley below.
And He draws me aside to be tested and tried,
But in the valley, He restoreth my soul.