Monday, August 31, 2009

College Life Again

Once again, I'm SOOOO sorry for the length of time that it has taken me to write this post. Things have been really crazy and on top of that, due to internet blockers I can no longer access my blog from my computer! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! So, I emailed this post to Jason, and he is posting it for me. I will probably do this quite often, as I have plenty to write, but no way of posting! :(

So life has been pretty busy, I got to Shawnee on Saturday, August 22 and immediately started job hunting, actually, I had already applied at several places online. I still have not been able to find a job, so please pray that God will provide one for me soon.

Monday was new student testing and registration. I only had to take one test, and really I didn't have to take that one, I just felt like it. It was a music test, to test out of theory, and I passed really easily. No problems there at all. I am only taking 19 credit hours, which compared to the 21 that I wanted to take is really nothing at all! I'm taking Intro to Education, US History I, Computer Applications, Science Overview (which meets twice a week for 2 hours at a time!), Counseling Youth, and Christian Womanhood. I am also doing an internship in the 3rd and 4th grade at the Christian school for a total of 100 minutes a week, that counts as 1 credit. Pretty much I'll be busy but loving it! :)

We also did several activities, including going to the KY State Fair, Bowling, Roller Skating (which I had NEVER done in my life) and a park to play soft ball and then we went for ice cream...YUM! :)

Thursday and Friday we did outreach. Both days there were 3 separate outreaches into a total of 6 projects in and around Louisville! I LOVED IT! What we did was a Bible club for the children, and even some adults came. On Thursday we had about 64 or so kids. 20 some got saved and 12 were allowed by their parents to come back to the church and get baptized! That was AMAZING! The outreach on Friday was in a mainly Muslim project. We had around 200 kids, and 34 or 35 got saved! We weren't able to take any of them back to the church for baptism because of a lack of transportation. I personally talked to 5 girls about Salvation, but they were really hard to reach because of the fact that they are Muslim and "don't believe in Jesus." Both days I was very saddened by the environment that these children are being raised in. Honestly, I wanted so badly to help all of them have a better life...I didn't want to leave!

This weekend was what was called "Super Summer Sunday" but actually, it was split up into Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday many of the bus routes were run and they had church services and then an outdoor carnival. It was a lot of fun! I worked the carnival on Saturday. On Sunday Dr. Sheldon Smith who is the director of the Sword of the Lord was the main speaker. I know that a combined count of the services Sunday morning in both New Albany and Louisville, and the nursing home services was over 2,000! Praise the Lord! Also Sunday night I played my cello in the church orchestra! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

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Rosebud said...

I can't believe you'd never been roller-skating before... =P Glad you're settling in so well! I'll be praying for you to get a job.