Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can You Hang On?

"Everyone experiences tough times; it is a measure of your determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you can come through them." ~Lakshmi Mittal

Sometimes life can bring some pretty unexpected blows, and when that happens often I find myself gasping for breath and hurting very badly. I simply want to quit. But I can't. I have to push myself to go on. I have to smile despite of the tears, and no matter the pain I must laugh. The point is, I have to hang on, and I can't get my eyes off the finish line.

I've been thinking about a post like this for quite a while, because recently I have personally been struggling with an overwhelming desire to quit. I'm tired, worn out, and I FEEL like I need a break. In reality, when I'm struggling with the desire to give up, it is because I have stopped looking to God and instead focused on me. What I have to ask myself is, how much determination and dedication do I have to overcome my problems? My answer is to get alone with God. I have to pour my problems out to Him and then He gives me the peace and strength to go on.

In my weakness He is strong,

In my need He leads me on,

When I come to the end of all I am,

Then I place my trust in Him

And then His grace begins to flow.


Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Wow...I couldn't agree more. I know for me when I'm's so easy to allow myself to give up, and stop reading my bible, and stop praying...but that is the wrong decision. Christ is my sufficiency, and I need to cling to Him! Thank you so much for this reminder...

Kylo said...

I'm working through that myself... It's too easy to say "college needs done - I can do that later." When personal issues arise, I keep wanting to throw my hands up and walk away - but it's not the solution. Far from it. The only real solution is to grow closer to God through His word.

Thanks for the post. :)

Elizabeth J. said...

I love "In My Weakness", every time I hear the song it reminds me that God is forever there for me. Thanks for sharing this Hannah.

Rosebud said...

That's right - it's wrong to focus on the wind and the waves. I need to keep my focus on God, who is the one in control of the wind and the waves! Phil. 4:13

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and insights - once again! I'm printing it out right now to share with someone that is going through a very down time right now - I know it will be an encouragement to her too! :)

Bethany A. said...

I love the song "In My Weakness"...thank you for posting this, it was so encouraging!:)