Sunday, October 11, 2009

Waiting on Change

Today at work a song was playing on the radio that was called, "Waiting On the World to Change." It was talking about how it's too hard to rise above the problems in the world, so they were just going to sit back and wait for the world to change for them. I made the comment to my manager that that was pretty sad to think about, and he agreed with me.

Well, that song made me start thinking about the way that many Christians, and sadly myself included often act and think. We think that we can just sit back and wait for our world to change. We don't do anything about the mess that it is. Oh yes, one could say that there is too much damage already done and there is nothing that any one person can do to change it. First of all, no one is so insignificant in this world as to not be able to influence SOMEONE somewhere and at least change that one person, and if many people are willing to influence that SOMEONE in their life, then there will be many SOMEONES in this world who are changed and slowly the world will begin to change.

Maybe you are thinking, "I'm too afraid to try to change someone. I'm not a leader, and I'm not outgoing enough to do something like that!" Ok, fine, so you're afraid, no offense people, but you have to get over that fear. If all you are willing to do is sit back and just wait for change what is it going to cost you, and future generations to come?

I automatically think about what happen in Nazi Germany while "Europe slept," or the events that have gone on and are still going on in many Muslim and Communist countries all over the world while the rest of the world closes its eyes. Our world and even more specifically our country is not getting any better, it is only getting worse and worse, are you going to wait for someone else to start changing, or are you going to be the one to take up the challenge and start changing the world for good? You life and the lives and future of your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren depend on YOU!


Jason A. Hunsicker said...

I couldn't agree more Hannah. There's a quote from Sir Edmund Burke that says "Evil prospers when good men do nothing."

Very good post!

Elizabeth J. said...

I agree with you entirely. I think we too often think our words will just change things but that isn't the case. We must take action. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Bethany A. said...

wow, I've thought alot about that too....thanks so much for posting about it! It CONSTANTLY needs to be in our minds!!


Rosebud said...

Yup, that is so right--hard, but right.

Anonymous said...

Once again - great post - and great food for thought!! Love you!

Kylo said...

Good stuff to think about. Something I've been grappling with an awful lot recently.