Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

I just recently realized how long it's been since I posted about the happenings of my life. Probably because the happenings of my life haven't been all that exciting lately, but I will at least attempt to give you a few details of my rather bland existence.

School has been going pretty well. I'm enjoying all of my classes, however, I'm once again struggling in science this semester. I'm taking Biology, which is a subject I love, but for whatever reason I'm having a hard time getting good grades. US History II is by far my favorite class. This semester is pretty much focused on 20th century history, which is very interesting. My instructor LOVES history, therefore the class is jammed packed with all sorts of historical facts. It's not exactly taught in the most traditional way, but I've learned more in that class than in any of my other history classes. My other classes are also going well, nothing extremely out of the ordinary happening in them.

Work is not going as well as I was hoping it would be. I'm working 2 jobs, but I'm simply not getting enough hours/money to make ends meet. So I'm in the hunt for another job. I had a really good interview at a trucking warehouse on Friday, I'm supposed to hear back from them this week, and I have an interview set up tomorrow at a place that manufactures ammunition for police officers. I had a phone interview today, and pretty much the guy said that when I come in tomorrow to fill out the application, and meet them, if they like me and I like them then it's a deal and I can start ASAP. It has really good pay, and I could get a raise in 90 days! If I can get both jobs then I'll quit my other 2 jobs, but if I can only get one or the other, then I'm going to have to keep my other 2 jobs. So pretty much I'll be working either 2 or 3 jobs through out the rest of the semester. Oh the joy! Either way it's looking more and more like I'll be staying down here in the Louisville area for the summer. I really want to go home, but it's better to stay down here where I have work versus going home where I have none. I'm hoping to be able to go home for a vacation at some point, but if any of you guys so desire to come down here and visit me, I won't be complaining! (hint, hint)

Next on the list: social life, or rather a lack of social life. Pretty much since I started working 2 jobs I haven't had as much of a social life, mainly because I work Friday nights and all day on Saturday. I've managed to hit up a few college and high school basketball games, which have been quite delightful, and I did get to watch the Super Bowl, even though my beloved Colt's lost. But other than that, chillaxin with the girls has been pretty much non-existent.

In family news I'm going home for a visit in 11 days! THAT is exciting! I haven't been home since Christmas break, and I'm ready to get away from school and be home. Daddy is turning 50 on March 6 (Shhh...don't tell him I said anything) so we are gonna have a little birthday party for him. Really, it's nothing exciting, just a family affair, but it's still gonna be nice to be able to celebrate it with him - even if it is a few days late. Also, Kyle is on Spring break, so he's coming out for the weekend. It will be a blast, and I'm sure it will be WAY too short!

In family ministry news, Samuel is getting on a plane tomorrow to fly to Florida. He is going to Missionary Flights International in Fort Pierce. He'll be spending time learning all sorts of missionary aviation stuff from them, as well as going to Haiti for a few days! Please pray for his safety, and that the Lord will use this in his life to draw Samuel closer to Him. Also, pray for mom as she will have to put him on the plane from Detroit to FL all by himself! ;)
Next weekend my parents are going to Illinois for some Reformers Unanimous training. They are hoping that this will give them more insight to the jail ministry, and working with people who have some pretty heavy addictions.

So that's been my life lately. Hopefully soon I will be posting about what the Lord has personally been doing in my life. It's been pretty rough, but through it all He has taught me a lot and is continuing the lessons.


Anonymous said...

Sure didn't sound like a bland existence!!! Praying about your job and financial situation!! Love you!

shearers said...

My thoughts exactly Debbie :-) !!

bug said...

Well, the day to day routine of my life tends to be bland...but the things that come from it tend to be quite the opposite!
Thanks for the pray! ;)