Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Dare I Go SOOOO Long??!!

So, I've waited almost 2 weeks to post these pictures! :O Now I'm finally going to post from when Kyle was at my house for Memorial Day (now that it's almost time for me to go to his house again!) I hope you guys don't mind seeing sooo many pictures...but I'm still having a hard time writing at will, so bear with me, please. Anyways, now presenting: "Pictures from Memorial Day."


*****Kyle's birthday was on June 2, the 2 days after he left, so we gave him his gifts early ;)*****
This was from my parents, and it's kinda an inside joke as to why he got that particular's a long story....


*****TOOOOO MANY PICTURES!!!!!!!!*****

*****Family Devotions*****

We had a pretty nasty storm on Memorial Day, but it cleared up in the evening so we went outside and took some pictures...


*****One of the cheesiest grins. ever.*****


*****Peek-a-boo...I see you!!!*****

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Rosebud said...

Very lovely, dear. :)