Friday, May 21, 2010

Doylestown Trip #2 and Kyle's Graduation!!!

As I'm sure you've noticed by the title, I once again made the trip to Doylestown...only this time my entire family went as well! The following are pictures from the visit:

*****At Kyle's graduation...the ceremony lasted around 3 hours!*****

*****Kyle and Gran*****

*****I'm sooo proud of him*****

*****My family and Kyle*****

*****One of my favorites!*****



*****Ummm....I really have NO idea*****

*****Nom, nom, nom!!!*****

*****He's happy about something! :D*****



*****Cuddle Buddies*****
(I LOVE this picture)

*****Ivy looks very pleased with herself!*****

*****Lil Miss Smiles*****

*****Brianna playing a video game*****



*****Nanna and Kyle*****

*****To make up for not having a picture of Michaela from last time I made sure we had a pic together this time!*****

*****At P. Graham Dunn*****

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Elizabeth J. said...

Hannah, I liked the pics and I really loved the green dress you were wearing in some of the pics. =)