Thursday, July 29, 2010


I just realized that I haven't updated anyone with the recent happenings of my life. Well, there really haven't been *that* many recent happening for me to report about. Between working at Lake City Bank and Wendy's I've been working over 50 hours a week!!! Generally working from 7 or 7:30 am until 10 or 11 pm!!! My life pretty much consists of work, taking a quick 45 minute or so nap, going back to work coming home going to sleep, and starting all over again! It's been fun...I guess! :P Then entire month of July I think I had 4 days off!! :-O Because on top of those 2 jobs I'm also playing the piano for Warsaw Bible Church, so I have to practice for that too, and then of course play on Sundays. I'm actually loving that part of my life...I've really enjoyed getting to know my new church family and it's been great being able to minister to them in that way.

Samuel turned 16 a week ago! It's hard to believe that my lil bro is getting so old! :P He got his drivers permit...scary! We went to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH to go to the big flight museum there. It was fun...although I was slightly disappointed that there weren't more guys in uniform around! :P

I actually took a day off yesterday and hung out with some friends from International that live about 1 1/2 hours away. We laugh about how we are all from Indiana but had to go to New York to meet! It was great catching up with them, and just hanging out and having a day to sort of relax! :) I meant to get some pictures, but I forgot! :( Oh well, we're hoping to get together again sometime, so when that happens I'll be sure to get pics.

I haven't been feeling very well again so I went to the doctor. On top of having kidney stones (don't ask me how I managed to get those) and after having several tests done the diagnosis is that my stomach doesn't empty the way it should (I forget the actual medical term for it). The doc said that he could put me on a pill that would cause a lot of side effects, but he doesn't want to do that to a 19 year old (a fact of which I'm very grateful). Surgery was another option, but doc said that once again he doesn't want to do that to someone my age, and there isn't a very good likely hood that it would work. The only other option he said was to eat mainly in the morning and to run or walk briskly for 45 minutes after each meal. So let me just say, if you've never exercised immediately after a meal it's not a pleasant feeling at all. But hopefully it will help!!

Saturday we are heading north for a week! We're dropping Samuel off in Oshkosh, WI for flight camp and my parents and I are going to Minnesota for vacation! I'm looking forward to the sleep! :) :) I think the only real plans we have are to go about 3 or 4 hours north with a bunch of my aunts and uncles to spend the night at some tourist town. I'm not too sure what that's all about, all I know is I'm along for the ride! :D I will post pictures after the trip!

I think the last major thing on the docket at the moment is school. I'm heading back for my last year of classes (I'll still have a semester of student teaching next Fall). I'm kinda excited, but at the same time kinda dreading school. I can't wait til this year is over though! There's an end in sight, and that's thrilling!! :) Please pray that I can find a job. I've filled out several applications online and I've had one lady call me back already!!

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