Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Far So Good

I've had an awesome semester so far! It's been packed full with classes (I'm taking 18 credits) and work, but I've also managed to have some fun! The classes I'm taking are, Biology II, Advanced Composition, Speech, The Education of an Exceptional Child, Teaching Science, Bible Study Methods, and Christian Womanhood. I'm back to work at LEE's and Paraklese and working around 25ish hours a week (much better than last year and 40+ hours a week).

I decided to post some pictures that I've taken so far this semester. As you'll see it's been a blast!

*****One of my roommates and I have birthdays just 3 days apart, so we went out to Cheddars to celebrate! This was the awesome cake we split!!!*****

*****Kaye Lani, my roommate Casey, and Me*****

One night a whole bunch of us crashed in the coffee shop and played Catch Phrase. The following are the result of that goofy time:

*****Ian (need I say more?)*****


*****Silas, Me, and Kaasi*****


*****Kaasi and Casey*****

*****"Oh come on guys! You know what it is!!"*****

*****"Aaahhhh if only I could describe it right!"*****

*****Setting the timer*****

*****Theresa, Anthony, Hunter*****

*****By the look on Kaasi's face I'm failing at describing the word!*****

*****One of my roommate's soon to be fiancee, Jon*****

This past Friday a whole bunch of us went to the park and the guys played football and the girls played frisbee and watched:


*****Me and Amanda*****

*****Me and Jess*****

*****Scarlet, Amanda, and Me*****

*****Amanda and I have a tradition of taking pictures of our feet...mine have the blue nail polish, her's are polka dots*****

*****My roommate Heather and her almost fiancee Jon*****

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