Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day in America was designed as a day to honor those who have served, are serving, or have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. There are tributes, rallies, parades, cookouts, family get together's, baseball games, eating, and on the list could go. Unfortunately, many people do not take the time to remember the sacrifices that were paid so that we have the chance to live in the freest country in the world.

This weekend for me was spent in a flurry of activity. I was in Ft. Wayne (a city 45 minutes west) three times, Goshen (a city about 45 minutes north) twice, and South Bend (a city about 1 1/2 hours northwest) once! The weather included one incredibly bad storm, one tornado warning and horrible storm, and sun and heat. My car died in Ft. Wayne and is still there at the moment, I have a bad case of sun burn, and all in all, I have a weekend packed with memories and laughter that I would do all over again given the chance. Below are pictures that were snapped during this wonderful time in my life.

~In the WOWO studio with Pat Miller~
I was given the chance to be in studio with Pat on Friday afternoon during his talk show, it was great fun!
~With my friend Brandi~
We met at the mall and went out to eat at Red Lobster after the show on Friday.
~ARMAD Rally for the Troops in Ft. Wayne~
On Saturday was the rally for the troops by ARMAD, "Amature Radio Military Appreciation Day"

~Fort Wayne TinCaps Game Saturday Night~
Unfortunately we were rained out

Sunday was a bit hairy because I was stuck in Wal-Mart during a tornado warning. This picture was taken in the Wal-Mart parking lot during that time.
I had spent the night in Goshen and went to South Bend very early on Monday morning to walk in a parade.

~TinCaps Game~
We were able to exchange our tickets for Monday's game. Unfortunately they lost after a four game winning streak. We had a lot of fun though!

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