Monday, July 6, 2009

The Eternal God is Thy Refuge

Are the waves of trouble overwhelming?
Is the sky with tempest overcast?
Flee to God a never failing Refuge,
He will shield thee till the storm is past.
He will hear and heed thy cry appealing,
He will turn no burdened soul away;
Whatsoe'er thy trouble He can help thee,
Wilt thou trust His mighty arm today?
There is balm for every earthly sorrow
In this wondrous Refuge of the soul,
And a hiding place from ev'ry tempest,
Where no swelling tide of woe can roll.
The eternal God is thy Refuge,
The eternal God is thy Refuge,
And underneath are the everlasting arms,
The everlasting arms
~Flora Kirkland


Elizabeth said...

That was powerful, thanks for sharing.

just so you know, i'm back to blogging now.

bug said...

yup i saw that! i'm soooo glad that you are back! :)

Rosebud said...

Lovely words!