Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Saturday evening I was able to go to an orchestra concert. As I sat in my seat before the concert began, I noticed all of the instruments tuning, and making a horrible racket! Then, the lights dimmed, and the concert master, amid applause, walked onto the stage and directed the entire orchestra to tune to each other, bringing the entire group into harmony. After he was certain that everyone was on the same pitch, the concert master sat down. Soon, the conductor walked onto the stage to yet more clapping and cheering. After taking a bow he turned to the orchestra and lifted his baton and the music began, but wait, the conductor had no music! He was conducting totally from memory! He didn't need the score in front of him, because he knew by heart where each instrument should play a note, or where it should remain silent. The maestro knew his orchestra and skillfully conducted without fear of his, or their mistakes.
Together all of the instruments blended into a harmony so delicate, that one wrong note would make a clamour that would make even the most tone deaf person cringe!
Yet, they played on, not afraid of anyone else's wrong note, simply paying attention to their music and of course the conductor. The concentration of the musicians was commendable. No one was paying attention to the crowd or to the other instrumentalists around them. Each was simply concerned about them and their section doing their best and making their notes happen on time.
As I listened I began to think about how an orchestra could be compared to the Christian life. The conductor could be compared to Christ. He leads each one of us, knowing what is going on and what is to come for us. He has no fear, because He sees the big picture, or the whole score, He was the One who wrote it! As a Christian I am like an instrumentalist. I am only one in a body of many. I can only play one instrument, not several, and I am only proficient in one instrument. How insane would it be for a tubist to go to the cellists and tell them how to make their vibrato better? It doesn't work that way. Each person must concentrate on what and where the Lord has called him.
As the music blended together, so do Christians blend together in perfect harmony, but only when their eyes are on Jesus. If a musician, or a section begin to take their eyes off the conductor, then they begin to make mistakes and mess up the entire orchestra, the same is true for Christians.
As music can be a beautiful blend of notes and instruments, so too can the Christian life. If we strive to follow THE Conductor of our very life and soul our lives can make beautiful music that will honor our Saviour.


Anonymous said...

That was beautifully said!

Anderson family said...

Wonderful post, Hannah! I love watching orchestras, and that is a very good thought comparing it with the Christian life...thank you for putting it so clearly! :)