Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michigan Trip

My friend LeAnne, who I haven't seen since 8th grade, is visiting friends in Michigan this week and I was given the opportunity to go see her. I left Sunday afternoon and stopped in Angola, IN and went to Faith Baptist Church for the Sunday night service. I went to school last year with 2 kids from that church. Unfortunately Matt was sick, but Brandi was there and we sat next to each other and then went out for ice cream afterwards!! :) YUM! I continued on to Michigan and got to the Campbell's home around 10:00. Mr. Campbell had gone to pick LeAnne up from the airport, and they weren't home yet, so Mrs. C and I were able chat a little bit! :) Around 10:30 LeAnne and Mr. C got home and we began catching up on our lives. Finally about 12:30 we went to bed!! On Monday I woke up kinda early, about 8, I know, it really wasn't that early, but for vacation, it's early! I got up and read my devotions and did my regular morning stuff and then went downstairs and ate breakfast. After breakfast Mr. C went somewhere, I don't know where, and the 3 girls watch "A Hazard of Hearts," lets just say that it was an incredibly dumb movie, along the lines of Jane Austen! UGH! I'm not a Jane Austen lover, quite the opposite actually. While we were watching the movie a chipmunk came up to the sliding door and started to beg for Mrs. C to give him food! It was sooooo cute! Mrs. C was supposed to have a therapy session at 2:00 but for some reason her therapist called and rescheduled it for Tuesday. So, instead of therapy she decided to take LeAnne and I shopping...UGH! I HATE shopping! Anyways, she took us to Kohl's and made us shop for clothes for school. We spent 2 hours finding clothes, trying on clothes, and by the time we were done I was wiped out! We got back around 7 or 7:30 and threw our supper in the oven. Then I grabbed a book and read for about an hour until it was time to eat. Over supper we talked and goofed off. Mr. C was once again gone, he was playing golf with some buddies of his....I personally think he was just escaping from all the females that had invaded his home! :) Around 9:30 Mr. C came home, he did win the game of golf!! I guess that's good...I've never really been into golf! We watched a movie about Jacob and Joseph, which I found rather humorous because of the way that the story was protraide. It was kinda corny. I guess I fell asleep during the movie and slept for like 45 minutes....that's what shopping does to me! :) We went to bed about 12:30 and I didn't wake up until 10! It was WONDERFUL! Mrs. C had her therapy at 1:00, so Mr. C took her to that. While they were gone LeAnne and I went to Wal-Mart cuz I needed to get allergy medicine cuz my allergies started acting up, BIG time! Then we came home and went outside and took a gazillion pictures of the BEAUTIFUL flower gardens that the Campbell's have. I took almost 250 pictures before my camera card was full...I could have taken a million more! I was hoping to leave at 5. We were supposed to eat at 4, but umm, that didn't happen! We didn't eat until 5 and I didn't get outta there until almost 6! lol! We had a good meal, and then it was times for good-byes...that's always a sad thing! I finally got on the road...YAY! I stopped about 30 miles down the highway at a Dunkin Donuts and got a latte! :) That was GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!! I went through a little bit of bad weather, but for the most part the weather wasn't too bad! :) I got home about 9:30! YAY! Overall it was a good trip and I enjoyed having a few days off to do absolutely NOTHING!! :)



*****Mr. and Mrs. C, LeAnne, and Me*****

*****Me and LeAnne*****


Anderson family said...

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT JANE AUSTEN!!! My sisters and mom love it (good for them) but I'm quite the is not my favorite AT ALL. :P I like more action movies!:)

I love the pics!:)


Rosebud said...

Glad you had such a fun time!! =) The flower gardens look lovely and I hate shopping too. (But you know that already. ;-))

Viper 1 said...

Looks like you had a fun time catching up with your friend.
Nice flower pics.