Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve Fun!!

We went to my Aunt Beth's house for New Years Eve and then spent the night. We had a lot of fun with everyone, and of course took a million pictures! :) Just a word of warning, some of these pictures get a little graphic, so if you're weak stomached you may not want to proceed!!

*****Mom and Adreonna looking at "The Encyclopedia of Immaturity"*****
*****I don't think any explanation is needed for this picture!*****

*****My adorable cousin Jenna - I love the messy face and fingers*****

*****A new cousin, Ashlin, I think she's gorgeous!*****

*****And another new cousin, Austin*****

*****Samuel and Will*****

***The whole group of us*****



*****Ashlin, Mom, and Aunt Beth*****
*****Some intense play dough time!*****

*****Another adorable cousin, Jayde*****

*****We did a white elephant gift exchange*****

*****He's probably trying to figure out WHICH present looks the best!*****

****Yes, that is a plunger in his face - no it had never been used before*****

*****Will dressed for Success!!!!!*****

*****Me and Adreonna*****
I love the way her eyes are- that's a typical Adreonna look!!! :)

****Yup, the plunger is stuck to the ceiling - my family is crazy, what can I say?!*****

*****And we finished the evening by watching "Up"*****


Jason A. Hunsicker said...

WWWWWOOOOOOO HHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!! You finally watched Up! What did you think?

Awesome pics by the way! Lovin' the plunger thing...

Rosebud said...

Oh man, some of those pictures are worth rolling on the floor about!!!! :P

bug said...

Actually Jason, that's the second time I watched Up!! We watched it right before Christmas. I think it's hilarious, and I now know where you get "Squirrel" from!! Now dad and Samuel say it all the time!! :)

Kylo said...

I haven't seen Up yet, so when someone says "Squirrel!" I think of Christmas Vacation. :D

The plunger on the ceiling is the best picture, Hannah - I need to come to your parties!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes - we have fun parties! Especially when Beth's family is involved, too. It's amazing how much fun we can have as Christians - life is great!!! :)