Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amazing Day!

I had quite the day today, it was crazy, insane, and so funnnnyyyyy!!!! It started around 7 am in the college kitchen, a friend, Kaye Lani, and I were bringing breakfast to our Sunday school class so we got up extra early to make cinnamon rolls. It was really creepy because everything was dark and spooky...we had a lot of fun! She and I and another friend, Laura, left for church, but we had freezing rain last night, so my 2 back passenger car doors froze shut! Kaye Lani is tiny so she just climbed over the seats and we handed back the food to her...amid a myriad of giggles! :D Next Laura and I climbed in up front and started out the drive way, all of a sudden I heard a scream and looked over, apparently Laura's door froze OPEN and it would not latch at all! I called my dad and he told me to stop at a gas station and get WD40 to spray in the lock. I had to use a lot of it, but finally, I think the door just froze back shut. Either way we made it safely to church, but when we got there we all decided to get out my door! I'm sure we were quite the sight, 3 college girls, food and all climbing out one door! :D (The door did finally unfreeze by the time church was out).

Let me tell you, people in northern KY and southern IN do NOT know how to drive in snow. On our way to church tonight we passed and was wet pavement, not icy! On the way back from church it was snowing really hard and there was about 1 inch of snow on the ground, we were going 35 mph on the 65 mph hwy, and the road was wet, not icy! Oh wells.

I watched a movie with a friend, but about half way through the movie the fire alarm went off! AAAHHHH!!!!!! So we had to go outside in our pajamas and the snow and wait for the fire department to get here! Thank the Lord for cars...I think about 10 of us crammed into a friends van and turned Christmas music on high and totally had a blast!! It was just a false alarm, which was good! :) So was an awesome day filled with a million memories!

Oh, I forgot to mention. My friend Kaye Lani is one of my bff's, she started talking to one of my other bff's, Silas, about 2 or 3 weeks ago...he treats her like royalty and today they got to spend a lot of time together...that was an awesome topping to an awesome, fun filled, memorable day!

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If you think people in your area don't know how to drive when it snows, you better head for the hills when a Californian is in your state during a storm. We have "zero" icy road driving experience :-)