Thursday, December 16, 2010

Laughter No Matter What

This Christmas is not exactly going to be the best Christmas ever, this makes the third Christmas in a row that has been pretty terrible. You see, my mom has to have surgery on the 23rd and will not be getting out of the hospital until Christmas day at the earliest. Even worse, I have to work until 11 pm on the 23rd so I will not be at the hospital for her surgery and I will not be getting home until sometime Christmas Eve and I have to head back to school on the 27th to work! BLAH!
To be honest I have really been struggling with all of this - I have wanted to throw a big pity party and complain about everything. After all, not only do I not get to be home very much over Christmas break, but most of that time will be spent in the hospital. Not cool in my opinion.
The other day it hit me - no matter how badly I want to scream and cry and boo hoo the circumstances, it is not going to change a why not make the best of them? (Duh, Hannah!) Maybe we will not be having a traditional Christmas with lots of food and laughter and fun and presents, but that does not mean that we still cannot have fun and spread the Christmas cheer! I found out the other day that my mom is baking cookies this week and freezing them so she can take them to her nurses, they have to spend Christmas in the hospital too. Even better than that my aunt and her boyfriend (whom I have not yet met, and still need to approve ;)) are going to be coming to the hospital on Christmas Eve, and we are going to paarrrtttyyyy! Hopefully mom will be able to come home on Christmas (we are all planning and praying that way) so at least we will be home part of that day. :) Not only that, but I decided that Sunday I am staying home from church with Mom, we will get some of that mother/daughter time that is always so special and wonderful.
See?! It is not all that bad! I'm sure we will find lots of things to laugh about and in the years to come we will look back at this time as a time of love, laughter, and growing together as a family. This Christmas has the potential of becoming the best Christmas ever.

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