Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Miracle Possibility/Update #5

I did not post last night, mainly because I was feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and simply could not write. On top of that I did not have much new news. After spending most of the night talking to family, praying and crying I awoke on this blessed Resurrection Day struggling to find anything positive. I went to church and was blessed by the reminder that Christ rose from the dead and is alive. I was also reminded of the fact that God does do everything for a reason, and also that miracles do happen.

After arriving home from church my dad told me that he received a text message from his brother this morning. He said that yesterday afternoon a ranger picked up a faint avalanche beacon signal. It was confirmed and digging began. A few feet down another beacon was picked up! Digging was postponed due to the sunlight fading, but was being resumed today. Please, please pray that both Greg Seftick and Walker Kuhl will be found today. Miracles do happen. God does work. Anything is possible, especially on Easter.

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