Friday, June 19, 2009

Running around and cousins

Wednesday I took the day off! YAY! It had its wonderful pros and some pretty bad cons as well...I think the pros outweighed the cons.
Pro #1: I got to sleep in until 10:00! That was AWESOME! I didn't think I would sleep that late, but I sent my alarm just in case, it's a good thing I did!! I had a little bit of running around to do and then I did a few things at home.
Pro #2 (and by far the best 1): Around 1:30 I left for Mishawaka to see Aunt Beth!! :):):) I haven't seen her since Christmas when they were living with us. It was SOOOOO good to see her and the kiddos again! She has been through so much since I last saw her and yet the love of Christ and the complete peace that she has about her circumstances amazes me! I know that I haven't had life treat me nearly as bad as it has treated her, and yet I also know that I don't have the peace and love towards my enemies and circumstances as she has. I love her to death! We had some really good chats, thankfully she TOTALLY understands some of the things that I went through this past semester cuz she's been through a lot of it before.

*****Kim, she is 15 and quite the bookworm, so was I at her age, it must run in the family :)******

*****The neighbor boy came over to play and brought his rather extensive frog collection (there were at least 5 frogs)*****

*****Sorry this is sideways, I couldn't get it to flip, this is Adreonna, and if she had blonde hair without the freckles she would look just like me at her age (she is either 7 or 8) the scary thing is she acts like me...her poor mom!! LOL*****
*****Aunt Beth*****

Pro #3: Mom and I, mostly mom cuz I was gone, were able to clean the house and then vacuum with the Rainbow that I have as a demo model!! YAY! I mostly just did my room, I think mom did the rest, but I had to clean the Rainbow once we were done, YUCK! Oh well, the house is clean at least, and it is still clean cuz dad and Samuel went somewhere (Ohio I think, but I'm not sure on that) overnight to do something with an alarm syster! So the counter is still cleaned off, and there isn't junk all over the place!! LOL!! :)
Now for the con, there is only one, but it is pretty BIG!
CON #1: I stayed up all night working on the PowerPoint for Wes. I briefly explained in an earlier post what I'm doing but I will go more into detail now. Wes is a missionary of sorts. He leads a LOT of Christian tour groups into many countries all over the world. He also has smuggled Bibles into Communist countries. I'm not quite sure all the detail on that though. One of his main countries is Israel. (YAY!!) What I'm doing is a PowerPoint presentation for him to use when he speaks at churches. This is actually like his sermon notes, he thinks the entire presentation will take about an hour! He wrote a script that I'm taking key things from and putting on slides. It's like a travellog of a trip through Israel. It is REALLY cool and since I want to go to Israel SOOOOOOOOO bad, I find it very interesting. Well, Wes has a little "debut" thing scheduled for Saturday evening! I need to have it completely done, or at least almost done by then! I think I'm on page 25 or 26 of 34 his notes, and at slide 128! UGH! So, I was up ALL night long working!! Finally at 6 AM I decided to stop working. I ran to the store and got milk, and then ran to the coffee shop and got a latte!! :) I got back around 7, did a little more work and then was able to read my devotions and get ready to meet Wes at 9. I worked with him for about 2 hours before I decided I couldn't think anymore...LOL! I got mom her favorite drink from the coffee shop that I do most of my work at, and then ran next door to Subway and got a foot long sub for mom and I to split for lunch! It was really YUMMY!
I then came home about 12 and went to bed. At 1 I was rudely awakened by Rainbow calling me to see if I would come in and work on setting up appointments for this weekend cuz there is a contest going on for dealers, and we are supposed to do at least 3 shows from Friday through Sunday....anyways told them that I would do that, so I ahve to go in at 2:15 for that.
I have a show in a town about 1/2 an hour away at 4 and then I have to come home and work more for Wes this evening.
Soooo, I'm not bored at all...if any of you have a boring life and would like to switch, just for ONE day, I think I would consider the prospect! I JUST NEED SLEEP!
Anyways, the Lord is still good, and He's gonna have to get me through cuz there is NO other way that it will happen!


Rosebud said...

Hannah, that post is really wacked out!! What happened?

bug said...

sorry bout that! i dont know what happened, but i hope this makes more sense!! lol!! i was writing it at 2 in the morning...does that explain anything? lol!

Anderson family said...

Whoa, busy busy busy!!:D

That little boy with the frog collection is like, TOTALLY me!!!:D I have a few toads also! Ever since we moved here (almost 6 years) I've loved amphibians, so I catch them and keep them in the summer!:P