Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whatever in general!

My brain has been kinda blending everything together the last several days, so I'm gonna try to remember everything, but no promises!!
Yesterday I actually got out in the sun a little bit! It was sooo nice and really the first time that I had been outside all summer! I've been so busy that some things just don't work out the way that I want them to! It's kinda funny cuz here it is already nearly the end of June and I'm still REALLY white!! LOL! I also got to mow a little bit of the lawn that Samuel didn't get to on Monday. :) That was the first time I've mowed all year too!
I had a 6:30 demo in South Bend (the one that was supposed to be shown on Friday) and Damon went with me. During our drive he told me that he and Chris had decided that Damon would do some major in depth training with me over the next 2 months until I go to college, and then they would let me lose in the Louisville area, pretty much on my own. They would still keep tabs on me, and they would ship me Rainbows whenever I needed them! How cool is that?!
Today was a little on the wacky side! I had to be in Fort Wayne, which is about 45 minutes east of me to go to the dentist! My appointment was at 9:00 so I left about 7:45 and stopped at the Dunkin Donuts in Columbia City! Gotta love the iced lattes....sigh... Dentists are just royal pains, so no comments on that! I put a some gas in the van cuz I was almost out and then drove home. I got home about 11 and at 12 I met Wes at Courthouse Coffee about the PowerPoint. I got another latte, this one blended, so it was more like a slushy, and worked for about 2 hours for him. At 2 I was supposed to go with Damon on one of his shows in Middlebury, which is about an hour from Warsaw. We left about 2:30 (the show wasn't until 3:30). It took us a little bit to find the house cuz the road that it was on was SCREWY! We were going to show it to an Amish family, which I know sounds really funky, but they actually show to a lot of Amish people, AND they buy! Totally whacked! So, we get to this house and get all the stuff out and walk up to the door and the guy comes to the door and said that they called and cancelled it earlier this week! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! The office didn't know anything about it! GRRR! Sooo, there were a couple of things that needed delivered and stuff up in that area, so we did all of those things. We were supposed to go on one of my shows in Milford at 7:30 together. The original plans were to do the show in Middlebury and then go to Milford which is about 20 minutes from Warsaw, and right on the way home from Middlebury. We still had plenty of time, but it was pointless to go all the way back to Warsaw, so we stopped at Burger King, and YAY they had free WiFi!! :) I think I killed about an hours worth of time on the internet, which made me happy!! LOL! We were on our way to our show when we decided to call the office, just to make sure that it had been confirmed. Long story short, we didn't do that show either! UGH! We went back to the office and Shayna, who is the marketing director, had the 2 of us sit down and try to set shows....we ended up managing to get her side tracked, so that we could get out of that!! LOL! Tomorrow night we are having a "phone-set party" everyone is getting together and making phone calls and setting up shows! There will be food and the theme is the 60's and 70's! We have to dress up like something from that time was WAY before I was born, so I ain't got the foggiest what to wear! I was hoping to get a poodle skirt and go with the late 50's early 60's thing, but that didn't happen, so I think I might wear a denim skirt, flip flops, a bandana, and a tie-dye t-shirt (if I can find one)!

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Rosebud said...

Good luck with your costume! :-) Aw, dentists aren't that bad!! At least, mine isn't--he's great, actually!