Sunday, June 7, 2009


Soooo.....I've been a little bit busy this past week! I started training with Diamond Air, learning the ins and outs of the Rainbow air purification/vacuum system. It was a lot of fun, and I learned TONS!!
I also started working for a friend, doing a PowerPoint presentation. I love doing that, but it takes a LOT of time, and he wants it done ASAP!! On top of it, he keeps changing and adding things....I don't think he understands just how long, or how much effort goes into it! UGH!
The biggest thing in my life has been planning a surprise 20th wedding anniversary/40th birthday party for my parents/mom. I have been planning this party since before Christmas, and it has been SOOOO hard pulling it off! I haven't said anything about it on my blogs cuz mom and dad read them, which is fine, but there have been SO many times that I almost wrote something, and then caught myself. LOL!! There were SOOOOO many times when I almost said sooo many things....
Anyways, the point is, I pulled off a full scale party with around 100 people showing up for my mom and dad without mom knowing a thing!! (Dad did know, but that is because I told him).

*****Mrs. Williams made the birthday cake*****

*****I ordered the anniversary cake from a REALLY good cake shop here in Warsaw*****

*****Comic relief!! During the set-up time one of the guys decided to set chairs up around the van that I drive....LOL! It made me laugh, which was something that I REALLY needed to do! Thanks Jeremiah!*****

*****Cake table*****
*****Jesse M.*****

*****Cutting the cake*****
*****Feeding cake...he was shoving...LOL!!*****

*****Uncle Jim and Aunt Lois came all the way from Michigan, and brought my great grandma with them!*****
*****Kevin H.*****
*****Various people*****
*****Mercy, Charity, and the 2 littlest Maurer girls (I always forget their names :{ )*****
*****My great grandma all the way from Michigan*****
*****A friend allowed my parents to drive his Miata home! SWEETNESS!!!*****
*****Pucker up!!!*****
*****We invited a few friends to come home with us after the party, Michael looks REALLY bored!*****
*****Opening gifts*****
*****I wonder what it is??*****
A great big thanks to all of you who helped me plan and organize the party. I really appreciate all the help that was given to me over the past several months!!


Rosebud said...

I'm so glad it went off as well as it did! :) Hey, how did you manage to get Jesse to smile for that picture?

bug said...

hehe!! i didn't take the picture, jeremiah kagin was taking pics, that was one of the practice shots...guess jesse was maybe joking about it or something...maybe i'm just special...jk!! :P