Saturday, June 27, 2009

My week

Thursday was a really nice day cuz I didn't have any shows to go on!! YAY!! I did bake cookies for the party at work in the morning. At about 12 I went over to the office and helped them set-up for the party. I worked with Shayna, Damon, and Rob for about 2 hours. I really like Shayna and Damon, and I think they really like me too!! :) I'm not really a huge fan of Rob, but then and again, most people aren't. He tends to be really pushy and shovey, and if it isn't done his way, or in a way that he thinks makes sense, then it's completely wrong! UGH! Oh well, I just tend to hang out with Shayna and Damon, they are gonna be the ones that I work with once I go to college anyways, cuz Rob and Michelle (the other office girl) are going to Lafayette about the same time I'm going to college to open up a store there. So, I guess I'll put up with him for now. LOL! I had a good time helping set up, it included a run to Dollar Tree which is just down the road, I think it was a sort of test for me from Damon and Shayna cuz they gave me the money for the things that they needed and told me to come back with the receipt and change, not a big deal for me, I've done things like that before. I left around 2 and came home and did various things before leaving at about 5 for the party. I get there and Damon walks out of the back and said, "Shayna wants you to run to Staples on your way here to get a ream of paper and then we'll pay you back." LOL! Guess I passed the earlier test! :)
The party went well. I think there were about 8 or 9 of us at the party. We had pizza and chips and cookies. Then we hit the phones setting up appointments. I managed to set 3! YAY!
Friday morning I went to Syracuse (about 25 or 30 minutes north of Warsaw) with Damon on one of his shows. For me, the highlight of the trip for me was the stop on the way home at a REALLY good coffee shop! I had an blended latte, the consistency of the latte was along the line of a milk shake...I LOVE MILK SHAKES so it was GOOD!! :)
I did some more calling in the afternoon trying to set up appointments and then at 3 I had a show in North Webster, which is about 15 minutes away. Michelle went with me on that one, and my personal opinion is that we could have gotten a sale if she had tried harder, but no more on that!
In the evening I went to a MasterWorks concert with my former manager, Nan. :) It was REALLY good and a lot of fun! :)
When I got home from that, about 10:00, my family was playing a game of Phase 10 so I played with them.
This morning was jail ministry Bible study, and then I had a show once again with Michelle. It was with friends of mine and they didn't buy, but gave a bunch of referrals! :)
This afternoon I did some work for Wes and packed for our trip tomorrow. This evening Samuel and I are going to another MWF concert!! :)


Rosebud said...

Sounds like fun. Do you have a picture of your outfit from the party?? I hope your trip (which you didn't mention to me--ahem!) went well. ;-)

bug said...

yup, i have a few pics from the party, but none of me...soooorrrryyy.
my sincere apologies for not telling you about my trip, but SOMEBODY hasn't been online lately! :P