Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 29: Hopes, Plans and Dreams for the Next 365 Days

My biggest hope for the next year is to draw much closer to God. I want to grow in Him, learning from every happening in my life. Like the song says, "Oh, I want to know You more, deep within my soul I want to know You, Oh, I want to know You. To feel Your heart and know Your mind, looking into Your eyes stirs within me, cries that say 'I want to know You more,' Oh, I want to know You."

Plans for this next year include working, working some more, going to Shawnee for graduation, maybe going out east with a friend, probably going to Virginia for a family reunion, working, going back to Shawnee in the Fall, and working, Christmas break, and then STUDENT TEACHING! I know, not very thrilling, but that's all that I know of at the moment. God has a funny way of doing what He wants in my life and changing all of my plans. I have learned to simply accept what He wants and go on with life. Fighting God's leading tends to bring much heartache and pain, and it's not worth it.

Dreams for this year are finishing my in class training by the end of the year and to finally be student teaching. It seems like I've been in college forEVER, I'm soooo ready to be finished and on my way to doing other things with life. Another dream of mine is to finally purchase my own car that actually works (I seem to have a problem with getting a decent car). Oh, and an extra dream that doesn't necessarily have to come in the next 365 years, but would be a nice bonus, is the man of my dreams! ;) It never hurts to wish for something, right?!

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Angie said...

I didn't decide to go to college until I was 21. I didn't really care to. For 2 years I had a great job working as a dental assistant for a Christian man. Then, my Pastor brought up the idea of taking at least one year of Bible college- just to take some good Bible classes and Christian Womanhood, etc. I did NOT want to go. But, God absolutely had other plans and I could not get it off my heart. Today I look back, and I see how God's loving and patient hand moved me along. He wanted me there for John. We were married a year after we met, then 6 mo later his mother went home to be with the Lord. Doug was 10 and now without a mother. Unbelievable how it all worked it out. But God knew! Sorry this is lengthy- just felt led to share. Keep Him first and guard your heart, Hannah! He will make everything beautiful in His time. Praying for you and excited to see what He is going to do :)