Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today was a great day to stay inside and curl up with a good book and a blanket...which is what I wanted to do. I am playing my cello for a wedding tomorrow,so that is how my day started: rehearsal. It went great! I am playing 3 songs they are "Before the Throne of God Above" which is for the bridesmaids; "Come Thou Fount," processional; and "In Christ Alone," recessional. This is my first time ever doing anything in a wedding, and it is cool. Of course, I'm a girl, I would say things like that about a wedding. :)
Other than that I didn't do a whole lot, I ran to Kohl's, which was a mistake the second day after, and the first weekend after Christmas. It was BUSY!!!! I did get a couple of good deals which was wonderful.
The weather is really strange today, it was up in the 60s! GREAT flip-flop weather!!! :) Yay! It rained all day so that kinda put a damper on everything...but hey, it was warm and sure beat ice. We just have to be careful of flooding, and with a creek running right next to our house... Over the past 5 years that we've lived here it hasn't overflowed that far, but it got a little too close for comfort last year...hopefully not this time.


Viper 1 said...

"The rains came down, and the floods came up."
... Is your house on rock or sand?

Viper 1 said...

Good luck with the wedding!

Rosebud said...

I hope the wedding went well! Somehow I got the dates mixed up and thought it was last Sunday. =) We had 60s yesterday too! And you're absolutely right about flip-flops--I wore them too. ;-)