Sunday, December 28, 2008

The wedding went very well tonight. It was a very simple, yet beautiful wedding. Christ was very much honored in everything. A great big thanks to those who prayed.
Other than the wedding nothing else terribly exciting happened. We had church this morning and again tonight.
This morning my pastors father, who is one of my favorite preachers, preached on the steps to hell. His passage was from James 1, and it was a very good warning to all. Tonight his son, preached on honoring your parents, and really all authority, his passage was from Ephesians 6. It was cool to hear a guy who isn't much older than me preach on honoring authorities. As my uncle would say, the brain fairy came back a little early and gave him his brain back. :)
It was chilly today...around 34 degrees for the high instead of 60 something yesterday. It still wasn't bad compared to some of the weather that we've had the last couple of weeks.


Rosebud said...

I'm glad the wedding went well. =)

bro milk said...

hey kiddo just in checking on you.