Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow! God is so good! I will not be able to work as much next semester as I did this past semester. I was getting worried because I didn't have enough money to pay my bill!! aaaahhhh!!! Mom kept telling me that God would work it all out, but of course I didn't believe her, I was too worried trying to figure out how I was going to pay my bill, I kept running into dead wasn't going to work. Yesterday I got a card in the mail from a had just about the exact amount of money that I need to pay my school bill!! I was shocked, even speechless...i sat staring at that check for almost 5 minutes, just trying to process what I held in my hand. What an AWESOME God I serve.
Last night we had a Christmas party at the Bible study that we go to every Friday night for ex-inmates and their families. We had almost 40 people was AMAZING! People shared testimonies of how God had ch
anged them from the person that they were to the person that they are now. One man said that this was the first year in a very long time that he was sober the day after Christmas, several had been in jail the day after Christmas last year. One man got out of prison on Christmas Eve, he was there with his 3 year old daughter Valerie, (pictured above) and his mom. It was altogether a WONDERFUL day for me. Praise the Lord.


bro milk said...

what a great testimony. serve the Lord. it pays to be in His will. Jehovah Jirah.

Rosebud said...

That is so cool! It is always the greatest thing when God answers your prayers so specifically like that!

Viper 1 said...

Wow!!! God IS good, both in the life-changing and in the finances.

Stay with Him, and He will take care of you.