Monday, May 11, 2009

Catch Up!

I am so sorry for my delay in posting! I've been Sooooo busy lately! FINALS are upon us and it seems like there is no time to do anything but study! I'm all studied out right now, I can't even think about studying right now without my brain going crazy! UGH!
I did find out that I got a 83% on my English Grammar final, which is a grade that I would be very disappointed in if it were any other class, but I am VERY pleased with for E.G. :)
I only had one final today, and that was in Intro to Missions. It was EASY! In fact, afterwards, one of the guys told me that it was the easiest final he has ever taken!!!
Chapel was interesting today. I played "Be Thou My Vision" on my cello, it went well, PTL! Dr. Morgan preached, but before he did that he made a VERY important announcement, that I had been hoping would be made a LONG time ago, but for whatever reasons it had been delayed for quite a while. He announced that my grandpa as well as Bro. Randall (the music director) would be leaving at the end of the school year. I had known about both of them leaving for a VERY long time, before the end of last semester! It is SUCH a relief that it is now out, because it was getting VERY hard NOT to say anything! Just for the record: I am NOT leaving because grandpa is leaving! I had already decided to leave, and knew what college I would be transferring to before I knew that they were leaving.

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Rosebud said...

Don't worry, I knew that!