Monday, May 4, 2009


UGH! I have been SICK and still am sick!! :( I've been sick since Thursday, or maybe before, I don't really remember exactly when I got sick, but it started getting really bad Saturday afternoon to evening, and has only gotten worse. It's bad enough that I went to the doctor today, and for those of you who know me, I HATE doctors, so if I went to one it means I'm sick!!!
I didn't ride on my bus route yesterday. I really wanted to go, but was too sick to think about riding on a bouncing bus for several hours. I did go to choir practice and sang in the choir. Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary Sunday of International Baptist Church, which is the church that the college I'm going to is affiliated with. Dr. Tom Wallace was here preaching all day, and I was volunteered for the job of running his book table in the morning, which was fun. :) He preached a really good message from Matthew 6:33, and I wish I could remember what all of his points were, but I had forgotten to take my notebook with me, so I was not able to write the notes. :(
Sunday school good from the few things I remember, by the time it started my brain was beginning to fog over....I was really feeling BAD!
After church I waited until my parents were out of church and then called Mom crying VERY hard! I was in a LOT of pain! I told her what was going on, and she told me to talk to Mrs. Donaghue who is the dorm supervisor. I found her, and the first thing out of her mouth was, "HANNAH!! What is wrong??!!" Apparently I looked HORRIBLE! I told her what my symptoms were and she said that it sounded like a possible UTI. So she said to go to bed and stay there. Which I did. However, I was only able to sleep for a little bit over an hour, and then I was wide awake.
I didn't go to choir, but I did slide in to church a few minutes after it started and left during the invitation.
I climbed in bed, and didn't get out again until 5:30 this morning, yes, I actually slept in for once! :-P The only reason I went to classes today was because this was the last day of class for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes before finals, and there was NO way that I was going to trust anyone else to write down the reviews for me. No offense, but when it is something as important as finals.....well, they are a lil
Mrs. Phillips, God bless her, took me to a convenience clinic this afternoon after classes. The doctor doesn't know what is wrong with me! :( He put me on a couple of over- the- counter meds and told me to follow up with my GI doctor when I get home. UGH! I HATE DOCTORS! Please pray that God will help me through this, as I know he will, but I need to learn to depend on Him more.
Today is the start of the East Coast Baptist Fellowship, hosted by the church, only it is at the Brooklyn location. The college is required to attend and they are busing all the college students back and forth. There is only one service tonight, and then there are morning and evening sessions both tomorrow and Wednesday. Because of my sickness, I did not go tonight, nor will I go tomorrow. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, everybody is leaving at 7:30, so I probably won't get up until everyone is gone, and then I will just take it easy! :)

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Rosebud said...

It's no fun to be sick. =( I hate doctors too, btw; you're not alone in that. Take it easy! I'll be praying for you!