Thursday, May 7, 2009


The dreaded days are upon us: FINALS!
Finals start tomorrow. I have two: English Composition at 7:30, and English Grammar at 8:55. PLEASE pray that they go well. I've been so sick that I really haven't had time to do much studying. I'm not too worried about English Comp, or rather I should say, I simply don't really care how that goes, but I REALLY want to get a good grade on English Grammar.
Also, please continue to pray for my health. I'm not getting any better, if anything I'm getting worse. Hopefully I will get a prescription tomorrow that my doctor at home is supposed to call in for me. I am also supposed to go on a clear liquid diet, SOOO much fun. Thankfully I was able to run to the store tonight and get some Vitamin Water, Power Aid, and Sprite, those things AND GOD will have to keep me going through exams.
My original plans were to fly to Minnesota on Tuesday (May 19) because my family was going to be vacationing there. Due to me being sick vacation plans have been cancelled, and I am flying home as soon as Wednesday (May 13) but hopefully not until Saturday (May 16). Please pray that the right decision is made there and that I get in with my doctor ASAP.


Rosebud said...

I'm sorry you're so sick. =( I'm praying for you.

Anderson family said...

hey, did you change or background? Maybe I just never noticed it before---well, it looks nice!!:D

bug said...

Yes Bethany, I did change my background! :)