Thursday, May 14, 2009


YAY!!! I have finished my freshman year of college! I can't believe that I am actually done, that I actually did it, and I'm no longer a freshman! It's crazy! OK, I'm excited! :)
Finals went well. I got an 83% on my English Grammar final, not sure yet what my overall grade on that class is, I think it will probably be a solid C, which is a VERY low grade for me, but for English it is a really nice grade!
English Composition final grade was an 87% with a 91% average grade! That's the highest grade I've ever gotten in an English class! PTL! I still have no idea what my Intro to Missions final grade was, or what the average grade of that class is, but I'm really not worried about it because it was an easy class and there really was no problem with it at all! In Christian Home I got a 100% on the final, no shock there, I would have a 100% average in that class except that I got like a 98% on one test! :( Very sad! I should still get a VERY high grade because my paper, book report, and notes all received 100%s.
I got a 95% on my Christian Womanhood final, with an average grade of 98%! :) I really enjoyed that class and learned a LOT! I know I will use the information that I learned in that class over and over and over again.
Those were all of my finals through Tuesday. Wednesday were my two hardest finals, and I stayed up until 1:30 Wednesday morning studying for them, and then got back up at 4:30! World History came first at 7:30. There were only four of us in that class, and two of them were Seniors, and both managed to get at least a B average in the class so they didn't have to take the final, lucky people. I think we all had at least a B average, which is good, but it is still a HARD class! I got a 95% on the final! How in the world that happened, I have NO idea!
My next final, and final final started at 8:55, it was in the class that I struggled with the most, New Testament Survey. All semester I have had a really hard time with the class, it was a LOT harder than Old Testament Survey was last semester. My study sheet for the final was seven pages long! I spent SO much time studying for it, and I know I bombed it BIG time! There were 100 questions on the exam, and I left 21 blank! I had a B average in the class, now I have NO idea what my average is, I only can hope that I will have at least a C so that it will transfer to Shawnee next school year! It was crazy! Nobody did well on that final, so I'm hoping that maybe there will be a grade curve!
Through all the finals I know God has been there helping me! All of the grades that I got (especially the good grades) are all because of HIM! If it weren't for Him, I know that I would have "epic failed!" PTL!
We had our final chapel yesterday, Grandpa preached. He gave his farewell address, since he will be moving on this summer.
After that we were free FOREVER, or at least for the summer, no more classes!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I did quite a bit of packing in the afternoon, had a voice lesson (my last one (sob)), and then left with the McMahon's for a softball game! It was a lot of fun, even though it was rather cold (because it was on the south shore, right by the ocean, so the breeze coming off the ocean was rather chilly!!) After the game we drove out to Fire Island. It was dark by then, but it was still nice, and at least I can say that I was out there! :)
At the dorm prayer meeting last night several people shared blessings from the year. It went pretty long, but it was worth it!
I was in bed before 11:00, and didn't wake up until after 7:00!! HOW WONDERFUL! I love it! I'm still in bed, I just don't feel like getting up! I have this lovely case of laziness right now! :) It's nice! :)


Rosebud said...

Congratulations! =)

Anderson family said...

Congratulations, Hannah!!! I bet it will be wonderful to relax now!!:P
Have fun "being lazy" (I would be EXACTLY the sammmme way!!:D)