Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I've Been Up To....

I'm SOOOOO sorry that I haven't posted in SOOOO long! I guess I have had a MAJOR case of "done-with-college-don't-feel-like-doing-a-thing" blues! All that I have felt like doing is sleeping, taking it easy, vegging out, etc...
So, to pick up from where I left off...
Last Sunday morning I went to church with a former manager and friend of mine, Nan. Her church had just recently built a new building, and she wanted me to see it. It was a good experience and I was glad that I went.
I didn't go to church Sunday night cuz I was NOT feeling well at all! :(
Monday Mom and I ran a bunch of errands, including doing some job hunting...to no avail. NO BODY is hiring at all! Please continue to pray that I will find a job. In the afternoon went up to Goshen to the GI doctor and he did a very thorough exam and scheduled me for some testing on Friday. While we were up there we also went to Sam's Club and DUNKIN DONUTS (my favorite!! :})!!!!! I like DD MUCH better than Star Bucks, or any other coffee shop. I guess I started to get into them at college cuz they are MUCH cheaper than any other coffee shop. Surprisingly, I don't like to get donuts, just coffee, my favorite being an iced latte (as Bro. Mike knows VERY well!! LOL! (fond memories....)).
I honestly don't remember what I did on Tuesday (my brain has completely blanked it out!), which probably means I rested a lot! It was Mom's 40th birthday! Last week I had ordered her a cake from Betty's Cakes, which is a little bakery here in Warsaw that makes the most AMAZING cakes in the whole world, their frosting is TO DIE FOR!! YUM! I ordered a strawberry cake wth chocolate frosting! It was rather good!! :) :)
On Wednesday I had an hour in a half interview with a photographer. I took some pictures for him and we discussed different photographic styles, etc. The job is a definite MAYBE!! Oh joy...that's what they all say.
Daddy came home from Minnesota on Thursday! It was SOOOOOOOO nice to see him! :) I also went to my church for the first time, it was nice to see everyone again.
Friday.....mom and I went garage saling and then to the hospital for blood work and an almost two hour test... Boy was that BORING!! However, I did get a WONDERFUL iced latte afterwards, so that did help.
Saturday morning we went to Flint Michigan to visit my great grandma. We kinda decided to do it last minute, but it was nice to go see her. I hadn't seen Mormor (as Samuel and I call her) since August when we went up and saw her on our way to New York. She will be 91 in July and still lives by herself, and drives!! WOW! Sunday afternoon I drove her car, and it was REALLY nice! It's a '98 Chevy Lumina with only 42,000 miles on it! Grandpa and Grandma bought it brand new, and since Grandpa died in 2000, Grandma hasn't driven it much further than the grocery store! I told her that when she finally decides to sell it that I would be VERY interested in it! She laughed and told me that my dad had already told her that he was interested in it when the time came for her to sell....guess dad n' I will have to fight it out!! LOL!
We drove home on Memorial Day. That was quite the trip! It started out fine, but when we stopped for gas and food just inside the Indiana boarder the van was accidentally locked with the keys inside! LOL! Thus we spent about half an hour attempting to break into our own vehicle!! It was rather exciting and somewhat frustrating, but as my uncle said, who knows what God was sparing us from with that delay, we may never know this side of Heaven what may have happened had we not been stopped!
Mom and Dad decided once again VERY last minute to get a hotel for just the 2 of them for last night! It was a birthday present for mom since dad missed her birthday. So Samuel and I had the run of the house last night! It was nice! We watched movies and I baked some peanut butter and chocolate bars!
Today I went to a new chiropractor. My family started going to them while I was away at college, so this was my chance to get in with them. I really like the Masterson's and think that their treatment should help my neck issues!! YAY!
My entire family had doctor appointments in Goshen today. Just routine physicals and check-ups. I had to have a physical for Shawnee for next school year. It went well, all that we're waiting on is the TB test to come back...it should be fine though.
Tonight I finished cleaning my room! I've been working on it since I've been back home. I did a MAJOR spring cleaning! I threw away SOOOOO much junk, and sent several boxes for our garage sale, whenever that is going to be....It's so nice to have a neat and clean room! :)
I will try to be more faithful with blogging. Now that I'm hopefully over the lazy hump (don't count on it though).


Morgan said...


Anderson family said...

That is too cool you might be getting a photography job!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! What kind of camera do you have? I'm guessing a Nikon or Canon or something like that...

I love the picture at the top of your blog---where was that taken? I also like the new background; cute!!:D


Rosebud said...

That's okay--I've got no reason to complain about your posting when I'm so inconsistent with my own! ;-) And Morgan's right about peanut butter and chocolate. ;-)

bug said...

yes morg, you are TOTALLY right about peanut butter and chocolate!! YUM!
I don't have a fancy Nikon or Cannon, just a Fuji, but it works for what I need.
The picture was taken in Minnesota...on the beach of Lake Superior