Monday, March 23, 2009

Back into the Swing of Things

UGH! Classes....again! I wish break could go on forever! It would be WONDERFUL!
So my regular school schedule started once again this morning. I got up at 5, did my normal routine, read my Bible, etc.
First class of the day was English Comp. I found out that I have a narrative essay due next Monday. :( Oh joy!
World History was a blast too (NOT)! I've got a test in that on Wednesday! How crazy is that?!
English Grammar was good. I actually like that class! Mrs. Barnes is an AWESOME teacher, and I actually understand English! That's amazing.
New Testament Survey was ok....nothing exciting, although I do have a quiz in that on Wednesday as well. :`((
Work was good. Actually it was really funny! I was cleaning in the men's bathroom in the administration building when Bro. Dan Donaghue, who is the principle of the Christian school walked in! At first he just looked at me, then he screamed and yelled there is a long haired hippy in the guys bathroom! He did it to get a reaction from the girls in the office, and he did a pretty good job of that! It was sooooo funny!!
Later I was vacuuming upstairs in the administration building when all of the sudden the vacuum stopped running. I checked to make sure I hadn't accidentally flipped the power switch, which I hadn't done, so I went to check the outlet. The outlet was behind a door so I started to go around it when Bro. Donaghue jumped out at me! I screamed for real! Everybody thought it was funny, including me! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Love your new background - it's real cute and happy and springy! Also your new quote of the day is so right on - we often want God to take care of things for us like a broken heart, but we don't give it all to him. I'm glad you're really not a long-haired hippee! Glad you had some good laughs today. Love you!

bug said...

God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces.

~Author Unknown