Saturday, March 28, 2009

The rest of my week

Ok, where do I start? I guess with Thursday! Classes went well. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.
Thursday afternoon I went on an hour walk with Mrs. Phillips. It was really nice, as always, to spend time with her. I'm SOOOO glad that God put her in my life. He definitely knew I would need a Godly, older woman's influence this semester. She is SUCH a blessing to me! I love her!
Thursday night we had church. In choir we sang a really pretty arrangement of "I'll Fly Away." I've never heard that song sung in that manner, it was really light and fluffy, BEAUTIFUL! Pastor Dan Helvey from North Carolina spoke, (he also spoke in chapel). He preached a really good sermon.
Friday was an interesting day. The first two class periods were normal, then we had chapel at 9:20, instead of lasting the normal 50 minutes it lasted over 2 hours!! It went from 9:20 until 11:30!!! Pastor Cazis preached a long message, and then he opened it up for us to ask questions about some things that are going to be changing. It was crazy! The last two class periods lasted 15 minutes each! It was different.
I worked from 1:30 until 5:30. When I got back to my room I decided to take a half hour nap. I didn't hear my alarm go off! I slept until 8:00!!! OOPS! I did really need the sleep. I finished writing a paper that was due Monday and some other homework. I was asleep by 11:30 and didn't get up until 7:30! I got over 10 hours of sleep in a 24 hour time period! CRAZY!! I can't tell you when the last time was that I did that! I didn't even do that over spring break!
Today I went out and did bus visitation. It got really interesting when we had finished our route, and our ride never showed up. We were standing on a corner of a road for over 30 minutes! The town that my bus route is in is Brentwood, and lets just say that it isn't exactly the best town on Long Island! There were 4 girls, and I think we were probably the only white girls in a half mile radius! LOL! At one point while we were waiting, this SUV with 2 young black guys in it pulled up to the stop sign, rolled down their window, and yelled, "You ladies are looking LOVELY today!" The 4 of us just looked at each other, and really weren't sure what to say. Thankfully the guys kept on going. The funny thing is, the other 3 girls are from the South, and I'm from the Midwest, none of us even come close to looking like NY street girls! LOL!!

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Rosebud said...

That's funny about you girls not looking like NY street girls. =)