Sunday, March 1, 2009

God is SO good!

God has really blessed me in many ways this weekend. WOW!! God's greatness goes beyond my wildest expectations. I had several "unspoken" blessings that made me so happy. I really can't go into them because as I said, they are unspoken.
The biggest blessing however is one that I'm very happy to be able to share with you. The medical bills from when I was so sick over Christmas break totaled up to around $25,000.00!! We have a $5,000.00 detectable each year and then insurance will cover 100%. Insurance was taking care of their part, but still my parents owed a LOT of money! Somehow my mom found out about some financial aid through the hospital. She had to fill out LOTS of forms. We weren't expecting more than a couple hundred dollars at the most in help from them. Yesterday they got a letter in the mail that said that ALL of my hospital bills would be paid in full!! That is $4,200.00!! How amazing is that??!! Praise the Lord!!

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Rosebud said...

Praise the Lord! It is so cool to see how He provides for His children!!