Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Such Luck

So much for the "Luck 'O the Irish" for me today. It just wasn't my day at all, and I even wore green! Good grief!
Today I was supposed to shampoo carpets in the ladies dorm. I started shampooing and it seemed like anything that could go wrong, did! I got about half of the hallway on the first floor done before the water ran out. So I dumped out the dirty water and started to fill the bucket with clean water. I was filling it up in a shower stall, and as it was filling i was standing on the edge of the stall, i slipped so I grabbed the shower head to keep from falling; BAD IDEA!! I managed to pull the shower head out of the wall! It didn't come completely out, but water started to come out the wall instead of the head! OOPS! I was drenched!
I was out in the entry way by the time I needed water again. I filled up the bucket without any problem. I opened the door and then bent over to pick up the bucket and as I stood up I banged my head HARD against the door jam! I knocked my glasses off my face and bent them! Its a good thing I worked in an optical shop last summer and knew how to bend them back! Amazingly I don't have a bruise, but my face is sore!
My next escaped happened when I was shampooing upstairs. There is a little hose on the shampooer that tells how much clean water is left in the machine. Somehow I managed to bump it, and it became unattached from the shampooer and sprayed water all over the place! YAY! I was drenched.....again!
While still upstairs I ran out of cord, so I had to switch outlets. For some reason it blew the fuse! I found the maintenance man once again, and he told me where the breaker box is, it is in the basement of the girls dorm where the swimming pool is located. (The swimming pool is broken so nobody is allowed down their, I had never been down there before.) I couldn't find a breaker that had been tripped so I went back to find the maintenance man and he said to flip all of the breakers off and then turn them all back on. Soooo.....I went all the way back down there and turned them all off and then back on again. Low and behold the outlet worked and I was able to finish shampooing! YAY!
I think that was all the bad things that happened. I finished work soon after that and came back to my grandparents and crashed. I was/am exhausted!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it wasn't funny at all to you - but reading it I was laughing & crying! Sure hope your head feels better after the bump - but do hope you can look back on yesterday and laugh! :) Love you!

bug said...

By the time I wrote that post I was laughing too... :) :) :) You are right, at first it wasn't very funny. My head doesn't feel too bad, but I also haven't touched it, guess I'm proly afraid of it hurting too bad. LOL!

Rosebud said...

How terribly exciting. =P At least you survived! =)