Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today was VERY busy. I had bus route as usual this morning. We left at 7:15 like normal. It was pouring rain when we left. I stepped off the covered porch and right into the SUV and still got drenched! It was crazy. Not many kids came today, I'm not sure exactly how many there were, but definitely not the normal amount. We got done with picking them up really early, so we were back in time that those of us who are in choir got to sing this morning! That doesn't happen very often! We sang "Blessed Assurance." I love singing in the choir, and that is the one thing that I miss the most about bus route, not getting to sing Sunday morning. Mrs. Phillips sang a BEAUTIFUL solo that was exactly what I needed, the theme of it, if not the title was "Trust God." Then Mrs. Donaghue sang "God Leads Us Along." They were both songs that are so good, and spoke to my heart in special ways.
This afternoon was when life got crazy. Today is what they called Victory Sunday, I don't know why, but that's what it was called, and they had a meal this afternoon. The meal started at 4:30, so we had choir practice at 4:00, the meal at 4:30 and then church started a little before 6:00. I sang in the choir and then worked in the nursery. The service went long, so as a result nursery got a little bit stressful. Although, there was a little boy named Gilbert, who absolutely fell in love with me!! He is a little snuggle bug, so anytime I would sit down he was on my lap. I loved it!! He even asked me to marry him!! LOL!!

*****Nursery Duty*****

Church didn't get out until almost 8:00!! Once all the kids were gone I rushed to my room and changed and then started cleaning. There was extra work to do so I ended up working longer than the 2 hours that I'm scheduled to work. Oh well, I don't mind the extra hours, but I was/am exhausted.
I do have an unspoken blessing that occurred today, as well as a MAJOR unspoken prayer request. If you think of it, just pray for me PLEASE!!

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Rosebud said...

Aw, that's cute about Gilbert! =) Praise the Lord about your blessing and I'll be praying about your unspoken.