Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

Sadly, my spring break is now over! :( I am SO not ready to go back to school in the morning. UGH! The very thought makes me want to scream! At least I did have a good break, it just wasn't quite long enough to make me want to go back to school!
On Thursday I worked from 9-2 and then from 5-5:45. After church I went home with the Phillipses. I spent the night with them and then all day Friday! It was sooooo much fun! I love the entire Phillips family, they are soooo cool, and funny, and down to earth! They are AWESOME!! Best of all, they really have a heart for God.
Thursday night Mrs. Phillips and I sat up talking well after 11! It is so nice to talk to somebody about God. So often among Christians there is so little desire to discuss spiritual matters. It's really sad.

Friday I didn't wake up until 7:45ish. I read my Bible and prayed, and didn't roll out of bed until between 8:15 and 8:30! It was WONDERFUL! :) We watched "Indescribable" and "How Great is Our God." I have seen those over and over and over, but every time I see them I get goose bumps! They are SOOOO good! After that we frosted the cake that I had baked at my grandparents. My problem was that I had baked the cake, and was planning on making a homemade mocha frosting, but I ran out of powdered sugar, so I took the cake and frosting with me and finished it there. It was a lot of fun! Nichole and Charlie LOVED licking the bowl, and spoon, and spatula! :) After finishing the cake

*****Devils Food cake with homemade mocha frosting*****
we ate lunch, that way could eat the cake. LOL! Mrs. Phillips had made a venison spaghetti sauce that she put over whole wheat noodles! MMMM.....soooo good, and VERY low fat! YAY! Something I can eat without it bothering me. :) Of course we ate the cake, not so low fat, but worth every bite! :)
After lunch we went outside. The weather was really beautiful. They have a trampoline that we jumped on for a LONG time. It was fun! :)
Later in the afternoon we watched "National Treasure." I had never seen it before, it was cool.

*****Sparky, the Phillips' pit bull puppy, is really sweet and CUTE!! *****

At 5 the McMahon's came over for dinner and a movie. We watched "Fireproof." That was the second time in a week that I've seen it! SOOOO good!
I didn't get home until 10:30! That was cool too! LOL!
Saturday I went soul winning. And then I worked until 6:30. After that i got my stuff from my grandparents, cuz they came back yesterday afternoon, and then talked to my family and friends on the phone, and then went to bed.
Today was a typical Sunday, bus route, church, and choir practice.

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Rosebud said...

Sounds like fun! =) Best wishes on your schoolwork. ;-)