Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Off!

Yesterday was my day off! I did actually end up working for an hour in the afternoon, but it was up to me when I wanted to work, so I took my time getting there!
Around 9:00 yesterday morning I went to the Barnes' house. Mrs. Barnes fixed breakfast for all of the girls who are stuck on campus during spring break! She made omelets and Miss Walker made chocolate chip pancakes! It was really good and a LOT of fun! Too much food though.
After that I decided to walk down to "The Village." It is in Stony Brook and is very similar to the Village at Winona for those of you who have been to my house. Its a quaint little shopping center with all sorts of touristy shops. I went cuz I was hoping to find a birthday present for my aunt, but I didn't find anything. :( My roommate works at a coffee shop there, so I stopped by to say "hey"and to get a vanilla latte. It was good.
I took my camera along because I wanted to get pictures of the bay and also of the duck pond.

*****Duck Pond*****
However as I was getting ready to take pictures I noticed that I had left my camera card in my card reader! :( How sad! So I got a few pictures on my phone, but they were not as good as if they had been on my camera. :`(( It really was too bad because it was a BEAUTIFUL day.
After I came back from my walk I decided to eat something take a nap and then work.
Shampooing.....again. This time I had to do the downstairs of the girls dorm which is mainly the laundry room and a lounge area. Once again the shampooer tripped a breaker! It's a good thing Bro. Mushtaq had given me his key on Wednesday cuz he was gone yesterday. So back into the pool area I went. I decided that instead of flipping off all the breakers and turning them all back on again I would try to not have to turn off the power to the entire girls dorm. So I started with just a few and would run back and forth checking to see if I had turned off the right breakers. I ended up turning them all off cuz it was in the last set of breakers that I found the right one for those outlets!! Good grief!

*****The pool room*****

After work I came back to my grandparents and worked on schoolwork. I got quite a bit done two of my projects, which is a good thing. :)
At 5:00 I went with one of the staff ladies to CVS. I was in a desperate situation, I had used up all of my contact solution Tuesday night. I thought that I had another bottle in my room, but after searching high and low I found that I was completely out! Thankfully Mrs. Leeds needed to go to CVS anyways, so I was able to go along with her.
My roommate came over at 6:30 and we watched "Charades" and "The Trouble with Harry." "Charades" was hilarious and very suspenseful. "The Trouble with Harry" was hilarious and completely dumb and pointless. It had a LOT of great one-liners in it!

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Rosebud said...

One-liners are awesome. =) Sounds like you had a nice day! I love your new background!