Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long post!

I have been really bad with posting this week. I guess I've just been lazy, and haven't felt like doing anything, let alone updating my blog.
Soooo.....I enjoyed having my room all to myself for several days. It was WONDERFUL!! :) It was nice to be able to hibernate in my room with my door locked and pretty much shut out the world. Sometimes I get really tired of all of the drama, and I need a break. Since I am the VPs granddaughter, I generally hear both sides of the story, it makes me want to scream at times! The break was nice!! :)
Classes went well this week, (at least I think they did, I've been in a fog a lot of the time, really tired I guess).
We didn't have class on Thursday, it was wonderful! Instead we went to Queens and did outreach. We passed out tracts and invited people to church. We went in groups of two, and they dropped us off at various places. There was always a group of 2 guys and 2 girls at every stop. They do that for safety. There were so many interesting people, some of them were REALLY weird! There was this one guy who when my partner gave him a tract he gave both of us this really funky look. It was creepy! UGH!!! I also saw a guy walking who had a kid following him, this kid was probably 14 or 15. It was almost as if he were on an invisible leash the way he was following the older guy around. I saw that pair two times. Both of the times the teenager looked scared out of his mind, and he looked like he was crying. I wanted so badly to do something, but what could I do?? Unfortunately, nothing. It broke my heart. I think that will be one face that I will never forget.
There was something cool that happened to us. Karen (my partner in crime for the day) and I were passing out the tracts and a UPS delivery man called out to us and asked for a tract. He lives on Long Island and goes to a Spanish speaking church. However he has some friends who are looking for an English speaking church on LI!!! How cool is that??!! We were able to give him both an English and a Spanish tract. Later when we were on the bus he passed us and honked and waved. :)
I think I gave my poor guardian angel a heart attack yesterday! Karen and I were some of the first people to get picked up from where we were doing outreach. Bro. Barnes decided that he wanted to get a coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. I offered to run in and get it for him. He pulled off to the side and I got out of the bus and attempted to cross the street. I really couldn't see around the bus, and the traffic coming towards me was stopped, so I assumed that it would be ok for me to cross....bad idea!!! There was a bus coming right at me! I think I stopped about a foot from it! No joke! I continued on my merry way and got coffee for him (and me too :}). When I got back into the bus Bro. Barnes was on his cell phone, but the other people on the bus told me that he was SCARED!!! After he got off the phone he told me that himself! He claims that he is going to give me lessons on how to cross the street!! :) LOL! Thankfully God protected me!
During the entire time that we were out on the streets of Queens, with so many people hurrying and scurrying everywhere, I kept thinking of the poem Lonely Voices:

Lonely Voices

Lonely voices crying in the city,
Lonely voices sounding like a child,
Lonely voices come from busy people,
Too disturbed to stop a little while.
Lonely voices fill my dreams,
Lonely voices haunt my memory.

Lonely faces looking for the sunrise,
Just to find another busy day.
Lonely faces all around the city,
Men afraid but too ashamed to pray.
Lonely faces do I see,
Lonely faces haunt my memory.

Lonely eyes, I see them in the subway,
Burdened by the worries of the day:
Men at leisure, but they're so unhappy,
Tired of foolish roles they try to play.
Lonely people do I see,
Lonely people haunt my memory.

Abundant life He came to truly give man,
Bus so few His gift of grace receive.
Lonely people live in every city,
Men who face a dark and lonely grave.
Lonely faces do I see,
Lonely voices calling out to me.
~Billie Hanks Jr.

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Rosebud said...

Wow...that's one thing true about the city--it makes you realize how many, many people there are who need the Lord. That poem is so beautiful and true.

I LOVE your springy background!!!