Monday, January 10, 2011

Called Aside

My typical day usually starts with a cup of black coffee (if I'm in the mood) and my Bible. Today, for several reasons it did not start that way. To my shame, instead of making sure I spent time with my God, I got busy doing other things, baking cookies for the jail ministry, making Mom's breakfast, running some errands, etcetera. Suddenly in the midst of my busyness Luke 10: 41-42 popped into my head, "And Jesus answered and said to her, 'Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.'" Ouch. That hurt. As soon as I finished what I was in the middle of doing I sat down to read and spend time with my Lord and Savior.

Later, I began to consider my life and how easy it is for me to get focused on the wrong things, not necessarily bad things, but my priorities are misplaced and as a result my life is not as blessed or productive as it could be if God were my primary focus. I find myself doing thing "for God" but in my own strength rather than relying on Him for help and wisdom. No matter what, God is there, but it is my choice to give Him room to work or to push Him out. Life would be so much easier if I learned to completely rely on Christ rather than relying on myself.


Samuel Baker said...

I think we all fall into this trap from time to time. Don't be disappointed in failure but be encouraged to try harder.



covnitkepr1 said...

Satan would have us all get busy with most anything if it keeps us out of God's word.

I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

Tamzin said...

Hi Hannah

I stumbled across your blog today as a couple of my friends follow it.

As I was reading your post, I really felt like I could identify with your busy-ness and sense of distraction (happens to me often) but I was also struck by the fact that you were serving others during that time. I thought of Matthew 25.40 and thought that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. God knows that you love Him and that you acknowledge your weakness, and He is always more forgiving than we can imagine. Of course it is imperative that we take time to meditate on the Scriptures and be with God in that way, but I think that Christ's words to Martha can be understood less as a reproach than a reminder that God wants us to have life to the full in relationship with Him and that that fulness of life also includes just being with Him.

Hope you don't mind such a long post from a complete stranger.

Peace be with you.

Hannah Elisabeth said...

Thanks to all of my new followers! :)

To Tamzin,

I must say that I disagree with you, although I see your point. If you look at the passage that I cited you see that Martha was busy doing things for others, in fact she was making a meal FOR JESUS! What a privilege she had. Yet Jesus wanted her to spend quality time WITH HIM. It is good to do things for others, but it is most important to spend time with the Savior.

Tamzin said...


Thank you for your reply and for your honesty. I don't think we disagree as much as you think, I perhaps didn't make myself clear. I also believe that God is to be loved above all things and so prayer is most important, particularly when that prayer leads us to greater trust in, and abandonment to Him. You are right to wish for that in your own life. My point was more that God forgives us for our failings and sees the good in us that we perhaps forget when we remember our sinfulness.

Hannah Elisabeth said...

Ah, yes! I do agree with that. :)