Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure

I think I have two "guilty pleasures" although, I don't really find much guilt in them! These would be chocolate and ice cream! I love just about any kind of chocolate, and many kinds of ice cream (although cookies 'n cream would be my ultimate favorite!)


Some Guy said...

you just transformed me from satisfied to craving that cookies and cream thing.



If you only have two guilty pleasures you are doing better than most of us. Mine probably number in hundreds!! :-)


Angie said...

Ohhhhhh man! What are you doing to this prego mama?!?! Cookies and cream is my favorite, too! Has been since I was a little girl. That pic is so inviting! I'm thinking that Anne of Green Gables and cookies and cream sounds soooo good together right now! LOL!!!!