Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The first day of classes....oh joy! My day started bright and early, 5:00. I did my normal morning shower, iron clothes, etc, I read my Bible then prepared everything for classes, and made coffee!! :)
My first class began at 7:30, English Composition! I really hope we learn something in that class, so far we learned how to use a dictionary! WOW!! Sooooooo exciting!
World History II was my second class. It is a REALLY small class made up of people who will be fun to study with. It shouldn't be too bad except that we have a LOT of material to cover in one semester!!! LOTS of reading to do. It's a good thing that I like history.
Chapel came next, Grandpa preached.
Third on the list of classes for today was English Grammar. I actually think I will like the class, or at least understand it, which is a good thing knowing my track record in English. :)
The fourth class of the day was New Testament Survey. Grandpa teaches it, and his style of teaching is easy for me to understand. It will be a fun class for me cuz I'm sitting next to my roommate's fiancee, I LOVE giving him a hard time!!! :) Poor Tommy!
My final class of the day was choir. We are working on several new songs for a recording that we will be doing in March. There will be several choir songs on the next college CD. Some of these songs will also be sung at graduation in May.
I didn't do much this afternoon. I took a short nap, I still haven't built up all of my strength yet from my surgery. I got some reading done and I went to Wal-Mart with grandpa.
This evening I made amends with a friend. Some things had happened, and a lot of it was my fault. It's so nice to be friends again. :) It was a nice reminder of how good God is to take us back as His friends even when we have wronged Him.
I plan to get some get some more reading done for N.T. Survey and World History tonight before I head off to bed, hopefully at a descent hour.
Tomorrow starts another day full of new classes, although not quite as many as today, thank goodness.

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Rosebud said...

Sounds like you have interesting classes. =) I know, it is great that we can be reconciled to God and to others through the blood of Christ. How could we live otherwise?!?