Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm going to answer some questions that have been asked of me:
First of all, why am I going for Secondary Ed instead of Elementary Ed? A lot of people have asked me that over the past couple of years. Here are my reasons: I strongly believe that God has called me to help teens. Secondly, I want to teach the "hard" classes that will hopefully help high schoolers decided what God has called them to do. I want a houseful of kids some day, but I don't think I could teach little kids for 20 or 30 years, I don't have that much patience!!
Next question: How did I bribe Adreonna the other day when she was mad at me? I tried EVERYTHING! Candy, chocolate, promises to do things with her...all to no avail! Finally I found a stuffed animal and took it out to her and told Adreonna that the animal was sad because it couldn't go with me to NY. So I asked her to take care of it for me. That finally brought a smile to her face. I felt soooooo bad!!
How am I getting back to New York? I'm flying via South West Airlines from Midway in Chicago to MacArthur on Long Island.
I will try to sum up my break in fifty words or more, that might be a little hard though...I'll try.
I got into Chicago to snow, by the time I got home though, there was no snow! I was VERY disappointed!! Chicago was getting lake effect, but not us. :( For the first week in a half or so I was feeling great! Got to sleep in, text with friends in NY and elsewhere, visit with friends here, and pretty much to nothing! It was WONDERFUL!! Then one day I doubled over in pain while I was eating a meal. For the next 3 weeks I ate almost nothing, and went from doctor to doctor, and test after test before finally the docs found out that my gallbladder was VERY diseased and needed to come out! They got me in for surgery the next day, it went well and now I am ready to go back to school!
While I was home I also was able to go into the jail several times. That is always a blessing to me.
I also played my cello for a wedding and did several Christmas programs.
OK, is that at least 50 words??


bro milk said...

that wasgood enough.but i wasnt looking for an answer really. i read all that following your already answered before asked. all i was saying is that its been interesting. you are an amazing person. i truly beleive your freindship is a gift from God. c u soon! oh glad u made ammends with that sweet lil cuz of yours!

Viper 1 said...

Who is this Mir? In the picture over there?-->
I thought you were going to be MY VP... oh well...

Anyway, It sounds like you had fun. I did too.
Interesting way to win your cousin back over.

See you tomorrow!!

Rosebud said...

Poor Adreonna!! That was clever though, with the bear...On to a different subject, when I get a cell phone, I will be sure to let you know because I LOVE to text, and it sounds like you do too. ;-)

Safe flying tomorrow!

bug said...

I am going to be your VP, but im going to run for president too....ill need to have a vp.