Friday, January 9, 2009

Well, I am now gallbladderless! :) We left our house at a little after 5:15 this morning, reminded me of my every day life at college! We got to the hospital around 6:15, I was the first patient in outpatient surgery...I got the pick of the rooms...well not really, that was just my imagination. :) They started doing every thing to get me ready, everything was just about done, except for starting the IV. They tried in my left hand, the nurse had it in but it infiltrated into my hand! Thankfully the nurse caught it right away. They tried another vein, but it rolled on them! YUCK! About that time the anesthesiologist came in and looked at it and told the nurses that he would do it in the OR and if he couldn't get it in the first time he'd knock me out and then put the IV in.
They took me into the OR, it was COLD!!! Thankfully they have warm blankets tha
t they covered me was nice and cozy. The doc got my IV on the first time!! YAY!!! he told me that if anybody ever tried to stick me again and couldn't get it the first time to tell them to call the professionals! :) That made everybody laugh.
I started on oxygen, and then they gave me the anesthesia, I was out before I knew what happened to me. :)
The surgery took about 40 minutes, I think. My gallbladder was so diseased that my body had naturally started to grow adhesion's around it to protect my other organs. It's a good thing that I had it taken out when I did.

The nurses in the first recovery room where I went directly after surgery were really cool. My main nurse had been a missionary in Papua New Guinea! We had some really cool conversations about missions. The other nurse has a daughter who is a missionary in Turkey. Because it is mainly a Muslim country, Christians have to be underground.
I then went into another recovery room where my family was able to join me. I had asked the doctor if I could watch the surgery, but he had said,"NO!" I then asked if I could see my gallbladder after they had taken it out, again he told me no. :( He did say that he would give me pictures. That made me happy. So when my family came into the room they told me that the doctor had not only given them pictures, but also a DVD of the entire operation!! COOL!!!!
I was discharged around 11:00 this morning. I went outside to snow! :) It was really pretty, but the roads were really bad. :( We got home about noon.
A real victory today: I was able to drink Sprite, a little bit of coffee, and eat about half an egg, and a little bit of jello without any pain!! YAY!!
I am feeling pretty well. I have a little pain, but its amazing what pain killers can do! :)
Thank you for all of your prayers! I can really feel God working in everything.


Viper 1 said...

Glad to see you got through it ok. Hope you recover quickly... only a week to go!

I posted a congratulatory post on my blog for you.

Rosebud said...

I am glad everything went well! =) I was thinking about you this morning! The pictures are totally disgusting!!! =P :D But that's really cool that the doctor gave you the DVD after all!

bro milk said...

wow that is cool! your an amazing person Hannah. what an experience. im so glad your on your way to well again!