Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have lots to write about today...prepare for a loooong post!
To begin with I have to tell you a story from last night. After Adreonna and I did nails I tried to jokingly convince her to come to New York with me. I told her that she'd be the pet of the dorms, with 27 big sisters to mother her. Then I told her that it would be 270 fingernails to paint!! She told me no, so I thought that was the end of it. A few minutes later her mom found her sitting in the corner crying...she was trying to decided whether she wanted to stay in Indiana, or come with me to NY...she was really struggling! :( I told her that I had been joking. She wouldn't speak to me for a long time after that. I finally had to bribe her...I'm such a bad cousin!
I woke up this morning to COLD!!!!! I don't think the high got into the double digits today! BRRRR!!!! I went to take a shower, only to have mom tell me that there was something wrong with the sewer and I wouldn't be able to take a shower...I ran to a friends and took one there. Mom and I then went to the doctor for a post-op visit.
The doctor was shocked at how well I was doing! He was very, very pleased. :)
The roads were atrocious! We got 4 or 5 inches of snow yesterday, and another 4 inches of snow today! It is beautiful's great to look at, but you don't want to be in it, believe me!
Tonight we went into the jail. Mom, Samuel, and 2 other kids from our church, as well as me, did music. Dad went too, but he didn't really do much. :) It went well, PTL!!! I had fun, as usual.
I have tried very hard to not get into politics on this blog, and so far I've managed, but I've got to say a couple of things.
I am a big lover of talk radio. I like the big names, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Reagan, and so on. This morning I was listening to Glenn Beck, he was talking about having faith in government. He listed quite a few of the governmental offices, such as the treasury, dept. of education, dept. of labor, the CIA, Congress, even the office of the President, and asked which of those do you still believe in. I thought about it, and really, I
don't believe in any of those anymore. I don't care which party controls that White House, or Congress, the government is no longer "By the People, and for the People." It is now "By the politicians, and for the politicians and the special interest groups." The ONLY thing in government that I still believe in and am proud of is our military. They are the ONLY part of government that is still by and for the people. THANK YOU to the men and woman in the armed forces who still give me, as an American, hope for our country.
Another thing that has been bugging me, all of these bailouts of companies. For goodness sake, if a private company goes under, then they go under. We don't need government rescuing these companies, I don't need my tax dollars going towards that, why don't we instead try to eliminate our national debt instead?? That might help the economy! DUH!! But then again, we've got POLITICIANS in office who are approving all of these bailouts for their own personal gain...more votes! I got an email from somebody the other day listing the sorts of facts about Wal-Mart. It told how much money people spent a day there, and all of the profits that they are making. Then the end of the email said, "Why don't we let Wal-Mart bail out all of these companies?" I lost it! Why is it that if one company is failing, then we have to make the companies that are succeeding look bad? I know some people don't like Wal-Mart for various reasons, and that is fine, but to me that is the WORST reason to hate them, just because they are making a profit in a bad economy. It's called CAPITALISM, and principle that our country was founded on! DUH!


Viper 1 said...

sounds like fun...except the heartbroken cousin. What did you bribe her with?

I agree on the "politics".

Long live WalMart

Rosebud said...

You're absolutely right about capitalism--I think about that often when different people I know go on rants about folks like Bill Gates who are so wealthy; it's not as though they didn't work for it! You can't get ANYTHING without working for it!

Your poor cousin!! Sometimes it's hard to remember that little kids are usually gullible...

:P Glad you're doing so well! It's cold here too--I think yesterday it got up to 16, so a tiny bit warmer than you guys. ;-)