Thursday, January 22, 2009

WOO HOO!!! The second day of classes and I survived!!
7:30 this morning had me sitting in room 208 in Christian Home. It was a really packed room...only one seat was empty! It will normally be a class that is taught by Bro. Barnes, but since he is on a missions trip right now it is being taught by grandpa.
I had a free hour this morning!! YAY!!
Chapel was good today, Bro. Kistler preached on 8 times when not to make decisions. It was really good.
Following chapel I had "Christian Womanhood." It should be a good class, we will pretty much be spending the time on Proverbs 31. We have a LOT of big projects...from what I've heard from other girls it is one of the hardest classes offered!!!
My last class of the day was Intro to Missions. It is a really small it should be a lot of fun! We have a really cool project: we have to come up with a week long missions conference in our church. We have to do all the planning, contacting missionaries, coming up with places to put up the missionaries, make sure we stay in a budget, the whole 9'll be a LOT of fun!!
That was all of my classes today...
I've been studying and now I'm a lil bit tired, not yet fully recovered from my surgery..... I think I'm going to sleep for a little bit.
I have choir practice at 6:30 and church at 7 tonight....then more studying!!


bro milk said...

bugs 4ever & ever!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting through classes okay - and getting the rest you need! Have fun on your projects! I really like your patriotic background on your blog. Love you bunches!

Rosebud said...

You won't have a problem keeping busy, I guess. =) The missions conference project sounds like a lot of fun!!