Monday, January 12, 2009

YAY!!!! I finally got out of the house today!!! :) I ran errands with mom. We didn't go anywhere was just out! So nice!!
I made cookies today, they were chocolate and peanut butter chip. They were really good!!! :)
I do want to say a BIG thank you to a friend of mine, Lucas as well as his family. Today Luke left for Marine boot camp. Thanks for your sacrifice...we appreciate it!
Tomorrow we are supposed to get quite a bit of snow and wind...that should be really'll be a great day to stay inside and bake. :) It'll be fun! (right Morgan??) :-)


bro milk said...

thank you to luke and to all that do and did serve in the military.without the service and sacrifice of these people we couldnt blog or do any of the things we have the freedom to do in this the greatest country on earth. pray for our troops. thank them whenever you see them. they do need this.the news media lies.i can go on. THANK YOU LUCAS!

Viper 1 said...

Lucas moves on to serve in one of the FINEST areas of service in this country. I have no doubt that he will serve with honor and distinction. Stand tall, Marine!!

(Just remember that the Marines ARE part of the Navy...)