Monday, January 5, 2009

To begin with I want to congratulate my dear former co-worker, Bonnie Webb, on the safe return of her son, Steve (left), from Iraq. I think he came back to the U.S. around Christmas time, but today he came home for a 2 week leave. I'm going by memory, but I think he was in the mid-east for 8 or 9 months. He serves in the Indiana National Guard.

Today I went back to the doctor because I haven't been getting any better, actually I've been getting worse! I'm still not eating, I have pretty much no appetite. I'm really tired all the time, probably because I'm not eating. My doctor decided to send me to a GI specialist and managed to get a quick appointment for me, tomorrow at 11:00. She thinks that I will probably have to have some tests done including an endoscopy which is a scope that goes down the throat and looks at everything inside. Yay! Hopefully they will figure out what is wrong, fix it, and have me all ready to go back to college in less than 2 weeks.

Also tomorrow, my dad is having oral surgery at 11:15. If you think about it please keep him in your prayers as well.


bro milk said...

you can be sure we re praying for your whole family. & thanks for ur prayers for bonnie.

Rosebud said...

I will be praying for both you guys.

Viper 1 said...

oooooo! A camera down the throat! Tasty!!

My suggestion: try something like protein shakes. Their lighter than regular food, but will give you some energy. It might cause cramping, but it'll be better than wasting away to nothing.

I'm assuming that you can drink liquids OK because you haven't died of dehydration yet. Give it a try.

bug said...

the only thing that doesn't bother me is water! i drink between 60 and 70 oz of it a day at not dehydrated. what i typically manage to get down over an entire day is a milk shake. generally it is between 12 and 16 oz in size. it takes me a day cuz it also hurts to eat. protein shakes are ok, but since i eat so little, i choose to eat something that sounds good to me, which isn't much...the thought of food makes me sick...weird, i know.