Friday, January 30, 2009

YAY!!! No more classes until Monday!!! I'm sooo happy!! This week was incredibly stressful! I am very glad that we had the revival meetings, I needed them, and God worked in my heart a LOT, but with church every night, classes as usual, work, and homework this week was a physical drag. Thankfully I don't have very much homework due Monday or Tuesday, so there isn't much for me to do this weekend. It will be so nice. I'm already getting into the swing of a lazy weekend, I've been in my jammies since 6:00, I've done most of my homework, and now I'm stretched out on my bed, underneath my warm blankets, texting and IMing with friends. ***sigh***
I only had one quiz today and I got 100% on it! :) Other than that classes weren't terribly exciting. Grandpa preached in chapel on how God prepared Elijah. It was a really good reminder to have faith in God, cuz He knows what He's doing.
I worked today, which is good I guess, although the four hours that I worked seemed to DRAG! I cleaned all of the bathrooms in the church building, administration building, and the girls dorm! It's a lot of toilets. Oh well, it pays my bill, that's all that matters. :)
Today is my roommates birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBEKAH!!! :)


Rosebud said...

Enjoy your weekend, and a happy birthday to Rebekah! :)

bro milk said...

u are so behind updating. i should know.